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Little Boxes

"Little boxes, on the hillside, little boxes made of ticky-tacky
Little boxes on the hillside, little boxes all the same.
There´s a pink one and a green one, A blue one and a yellow one... and they all look just the same".

This tune came into my mind and inspired me to write a blog about it.

When we look around at other people, we tend to be naturally drawn to people like us.
On the other hand, we may be repelled by certain types of people who seem very unlike us.
But, humans are complex. So, how can we really know someone just by looking at their clothes, skin colour, or size - and their profile? dunno

If we do put people in boxes and assign them labels based on how they look, we will surely miss all that lies beneath. And we will never know if there is a loving, life-changing connection waiting to be made.

The truth is that we all have things – interests, values, experiences, personality – in common, and often, more than you would think.
Why put limits on ourselves and others? We have so much to offer and learn from each other.

As babies, we are taught to categorize. But, when we grow older, why do we continue to classify and place everyday people in boxes? Our constant judging and categorization is often based on our assumptions - and not about what’s actually real.

Wishing You All a Nice Weekend - in whichever box you happen to be.

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Comments (88)

I could handle it if my house looked like everyone else's, but full of ticky tacky would be a bit much. I'd get out the water blaster and fix the situation. Or at least cover it with a rug or something.
Sometimes I feel the greatest evil is on the parents who inspired the hatred in our children, the extreme hatred that a certain political side instills. They instill HATE, HATE, and more hate yet they think they practice christian values? Ironic, right!
That's just scale and diversity. Put cats and dogs together and the cats are distinguishable by the fact they're not a dog. It's the shallowness of breadth, business wouldn't work and the city would not work unless you can estrange from the lion's share of what makes a person themselves.
We see it in the spiders. The more diverse the nest the less individual the spider. The more drone-like it is , the more specialised it is the less variety of things it will ever do.
And if you know the people in London you also know those in Paris and New York. The difference are minor compared to three places nobody has heard of. There'll always be more weird and wonderful coming out of places that have not been consciously designed to be a certain thing. In the city there are those who beat people up and those who can't beat people up, there are no people who can beat people up but don't. No skill unless you were to use it constantly, no variety in your interests as you're more interested in the things that help you get ahead in a specialised zone.
Hi Dan

As a child I was never taught to categorize especially of people .My parents taught me acceptance and the ability to stand on my own two feet. Perhaps this putting people in boxes is a nationality trait who knows.

I hopefully don't judge people lest they judge me in return. I have learned that one cannot trust everyone in life, but that is a huge difference from labelling people.

Whatever happened to the expression " opposites attract". We are told certain astrology signs should never get on, but many manage to have healthy relationships.

I like opening boxes as you never know what treasures lie hidden.grin
And it gradually develops to the point where off the cuff itself becomes a filthy, duplicitous ploy. When Yanks relax it requires all of their cunning, concentration and skill.
Hello nice to see you back in action.wave

And how are you doing in down under, in your little box?
Hello Faye wave

I agree entirely!
I was brought up in a racist world.
My father went mad when he saw me talking, and even dancing with some blacks.
I happen to like them.

And now, this trait has been passed on to my sister. grin
And it's why they love Black America as they don't play the same game. The whites overwhelming desire to be less self-conscious, a yearning for the wilderness at the centre of the little box. Progress inverted where it's trying to be the way of the animal.
Hi Cc your comments do make sense.
This time I've understood them applause
Hi Tiger..
I don't think it has anything to do with nationality.

I was brought up in a racist society.
But, luckily, I was the black sheep and didn't follow the herd.cheering
Tiger...I also like opening boxes.
"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get?" wink

So thereby lies the difference I guess, no racism in our household.

Pass the chocolates please.yay
And I guess that reflects how gameface has changed over the years. Traditionally a worker would try to look busy even thought they're mucking about. The boss isn't paying you to muck about. Nowadays the worker is to be joyous when hopelessly depressed. You're here to keep the energy levels up and it's a much more thorough giving of yourself to roleplay.
You can have all the chocolates, Tiger.
I'm on a
Tiger, I still can't see why nationalities make any difference? confused

It's like saying "all French people are racists"...
Or ALL whites hate blacks and vice versa.

Could you please explain?
So Chris, according to you, we have to play a role?
You mean we have to pretend and conform?
Another box..
When people find out that I am a Scorpio, automatically, they put me in the box with all the other scorpions so we can sting each other! laugh

I know someone who keeps telling me.." well, my father and my....were scorpios, so You must be the same!! grin
And we love blacks for being transparent, one-dimensional men that turn out to be what was expected. What a man is lives on in this perfect fusion of man and monkey.

It's from the whites where will find that most big arms belong to raging homosexuals. Cosmetics work better on white skin as they were developed for us, and vice-versa. Expect the unexpected has become so overdone you know what to expect anyway.
Daniela applause bouquet

MiMi is trying very hard not to be too judgmental with certain race or people.

Wish me luck! wine
@ Dan

For the very reason you stated that you were bought up with racism and I wondered why and where you were raised.

It's a know fact that some nations are racist and not for me to explain why as I'm not a racist.

I responded to "putting people in boxes" and your comment of "babies being taught to categorize "

I just gave my take on how I was raised which was without prejudice which I have carried through life.handshake
No offence was intended Tiger. I was just wondering why?

I don't find any country more racist than another.
Some people are, and others are not.

Mind you, I haven't met everybody on this planet, nor on CS either. So I wouldn't know and I wouldn't judge anyway.

I'm here as an inquisitive observer.dancing
Thanks for the link Tiger.
Interesting info thumbs up

Strangely enough, my country (France) is not in the top ten! ???wow

I would have thought they would be? dunno

Maybe it tends to be more in the capital, Paris, being more populated and many nationalities are working there.

That's what I found also when I was living there. The "foreigners" were resented by the French

My sister has moved from Paris down to the south of France and wonders why she can't make any friends?
Because they resent people from Paris saying they make them feel inferior.
Hola Mimi hug

Hope you're doing alright in your part of the world?

Wish you all the best! teddybear bouquet
hello dani ,,,,
mmmmm boxes good subject gal ,,,thinking outside the box gets you labelled ,,and usually as a rebel ,,
a couple of instances ,,,,, when i was a union rep i attended college for two reasons ,,one was a counselling course to help understand people a little more than i thought i did ,,and the other was to be better abled to deal with difficult managers and the like ,,
now the lecturer on the counselling course took exception to the fact that i questioned why in the modern world that we live in ,that we have to abide by sigmund freud teachings,,,at the time he wrote his papers the world and way of life was a different altogether,,,
secondly a lecturer on employment law ,, that gave us a scenario of an offence that would lead to dismissal of the individual ..hence the class was split into two groups ,,one for the management and the other for the union ,,,
i was on the management side where we had to dismiss the individual and then prepare for the union appeal against this dismissal,,,,
whereby i instructed my team that we would not dismiss the individual ,and would issue a final written warning,,,,,
when it came to the enactment with the lecturer watching on ,and the union had given their account ,,and i announced ours ,,,the lecturer was totally dumbstruck ,,,and took me one side and wanted to know the reason why ,,,,
as the class had pointed the finger directly at yours truly,,,so i told him that the unexpected does happen in life and that is what we are not prepared for no matter what train of thought or schooling we may have had ,,,
so dani i am outside of the box in every sense gal ,,,,,
well - I was brought up in a tiny family of 3, and there was never mention of race or culture - no ethnic thing whatsoever. Lots of anti-chruch and anti-USA and anti capitalist, but in my case I always had a duck's back
Hi Ed..
Interesting story.
Yes, you're always in trouble if you don't conform with the system!

I'm also an "out of the box" rebel. thumbs up
Hi Fargo..
Good for you!
I'm painted with the same brush. Lol
Hi Lovey..
Which house is yours? wink
We love Blacks because they will kick a pig. Whites wouldn't punch a pig if it was rounding us into the gas chamber, for all that it likes to see a conspiracy to keep it in a little box it can only rebel where there is no cause or consequence to the rebellion. Whites are their own controlled opposition. So unique, such a rebel.. but then not.
That's certainly my contention. When the lady doeth protest too much becomes the dominating spirit of the modern there will actually be no right to protest, no political alternative to things as they are. Anything but TINA is inconceivable and yet there'll be more entrancement with your own uniqueness, not less.
The one with Santa going down the chimney......laugh
Hi Daniella, no, that's just a random pic, of Aussie suburbia somewhere.....professor
possibly, Melbourne, (that place is pretty flat)......
bouquet bouquet bouquet
Oh I see...
So your house is not one of those boxes?

Do you live in a bigger box?
i forgot to say ,,that it is a certain big box that people should try their best to steer clear of . little boxes of cigars are always welcome of course along with a box of marlies that would rekindle my childhood and never forgetting my boxer shorts ,,pure bliss freedom so to speak ,,,so some boxes are ok in my book
I'm sure someone might file away that info
along with your pet peeve about men styles.. confused

Ladies might we circle back to "boxes".bouquet

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