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What will I use my truck driving license for?

In 2025, when I am completely and fully trained in handling trucks and trailers, it might be time to figure out what I want to use my new education for. Do I work for a company, or do I start my own courier/haulage business? It's free to start your own business, and if I make more than $7931 in profits, over a year, I need to be VAT registered. Some places offer VAT registration for as low as $111. My housemate told me I would need $23792 in order to be VAT registered, but from what I can read, it's nowhere near that amount.

So.. Now that the plan has been laid, I will need a vehicle. Now, because I have a business, I can get a car for a lower amount, $2744 to be exact. So, if I find a car below that value, which is pretty hard, I am not going to pay import fees on it. If a car is worth more than $2744, I have to pay a 50% fee for the remaining value. I know, the car taxation system in Denmark is weird.

Anyway.. I will need a place to live. I could move to the other end of the country, where the houses are cheaper than where I currently live. The cheapest house here is $333,172. If I move to a place like east of Svendborg, which is a city on the island of Funen, I can get a bigger house for $19831. I just need to start planning the details of my future business. What should I haul? Packages? Explosives? Hazardous materials? No, definitely not explosives or hazardous materials. They require special containers, which are expensive. Plus, I don't think a civilian like me can get that kind of containers. Unless I also take an ADR certificate, which the school offers as well. Hm. I still have four years to decide what I want to haul. In the meantime, I can lay out a terms and conditions, pricing and what else I need. I might also sketch the first website draft in photoshop, since I am quite good at that.. Or so I tell myself.. The photoshop bit, that is.

So many things to plan, and a long time to do it as well! It's gonna be so exciting!

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buy some lego and build a house then buy some toy trucks and a car so you can go to work from your lego house buy some play dough and make some goods to transport on your toy trucks ,buy a monopoly game as it has lots of toy money and then your game of life will be complete except for a girlfriend but you could purchase a blow up doll from your first week of self employed wages that you will pay yourself ,,,,
or maybe you could just grow up and try being an adult as you are supposedly 36 years old .....
Exploring the opening at the giant beanstalk.

Why not study something that in half the time would flood you with job offers? A situation where you can't not be productive even if you do have a very vivid imagination. Work is not necessarily the end of all your dreams.
Edison: Well, with that attitude it will fail. Keep an open mind :). I am hunkering down, focusing on my future and what I would like to do, once I am finished with my education. That is being an adult and growing up. If I had said, that I wanted to play video games, watch movies and not have my own place at all, then I can understand the grow up and try to be an adult, but here I am actively setting a goal, that I am moving towards. It'll all be fine dancing
Going through a truck school? Let me guess, they say you're not quite ready and need more training. They have a truck they can hire to you, and when you're ready there will be heaps of well paid work... They'll keep saying you're not quite ready.

There are scams like that here too, in fact you can do very few if any lessons, hire a truck and do the paperwork yourself for a fraction of the cost. There are time limits, you must hold this class license for 12 months before upgrading to that class etc. , so there are no 20 year olds driving multi combination rigs with dangerous goods kind of thing.

Like anything, you'd be better off working for somebody at the start to get experience and seeing if you like the lifestyle. Not many people here are used to driving more than an hour or so in one go, except to go away for holidays etc... The holiday season has a very high crash total because of this. Any moron can jump in a truck and drive it down the road, or deliver some bread around town, that's not where the money is. Serious truck driving, is hard work and statistically it causes health problems.

I know nothing about real estate in Denmark, but I'd suggest live where you want to live, and then worry about work. Of course if you're a fisherman you might be better off near the sea, but even then I think a lot of countries are not very large.
you call posting one fantasy after another being grown up ,,,well i beg to differ with you entirely ,
like you say in most of your posts you are playing video games for hours on end ,,well that is not getting you a job is it ,
leg work gets you a job , no matter what the job maybe it will still be a job, become a window cleaner go wash dishes do what ever to earn a crust and stop dreaming about what if,,,
last year your driving school was six months ,,,this year it is 4 years ,,,if you want people to take you seriously then you have to take yourself seriously first,,,it is not rocket science ,,,,just get off your butt and do some thing positive ,,, no one will knock you for trying and meagre wagers are better than no wages ,,,,,,
Pat: The education begins in August, so I am not going through school just yet. In less than five months I will, though. I will take one day at a time, once I do begin

Edison: I do play videogames, but that's to relax and recharge. Over the last five weeks, I have applied for 50 jobs, which is 10 per week. A lot of them are not getting back to me, so I might have to redo my cv. Also, let's break down the entire education. The basic training section is 20 weeks, or 5 months.. After that, I am facing fourteen different periods: seven back at school and seven doing work experience. The first 1.5 weeks, I am getting my Cat B driving license, for car. Then it's time for some work experience at a company of my own choosing. Then, it's time to head back to school to get my Cat C license, which is regular truck as well as some more subjects, key to my future line of work. That period is 6.8 weeks. Then it's back to do some more work experience. Once that is done, it's back to school yet again for about a months time, where I get Cat C/E and ADR licenses. Once that is done, it's back on work experience. At the end of that work experience time, it's back to school and time to pick what I am going to focus on: Freight, tanker, moving or boilers. That segment of school lasts about 6 and a half weeks. Then it's back to working, and then time for three weeks of trailer training. When I pass that, it's off to work again. Once that is done, it's back to school for about 4 weeks to learn about transporting across the borders to Sweden or Germany, as well as a school trip abroad. Then it's time to go back to work for the penultimate time. Once I have completed that, it's time to head back to school yet again for about 5 weeks, where I will focus on graduating. Once I have graduated, it's time for the final round of job experience, and then I am done and fully educated. The entire education lasts for about two and a half years years or so, but I am setting aside four years in order to give myself enough experience, money and skills, in order to best succeed in my future as a self-employed person. I am going to be on government funded study help for the 20 weeks, and after that, I am getting a real salary, which will help me to save up quite a sizeable amount of money. Three and a half years of saving about $951 a month gives me $39942. The house in my blog was $19831, so I will be able to buy that, or something similarly priced. I might put more aside, depending on how much I can spare.

I hope that was explained properly. If not, please do ask away
I see nothing wrong with having a plan, and adjusting that plan, as you learn more.
However, if you are going to eventually own your own trucking business, you will need to have a truck (or more) and I see no plan in how you will afford that.

Regardless, at this point focus on finding a temp job and a place to live close to the school should be priorities.
Jim: I never said trucking business :). I am thinking a small courier business, where I have one van and just me as employee. If the business grows, maybe I will add a truck to it. But as it stands now, my plan is to be a man with a van. It's not fully decided yet, but just an idea that I have
OK. That's the only time I recall you mentioning a van.
If that's your plan, I don't think you need a trucking school.
Instead, you need to buy a van, instead of a car.
I did say courier business in the blog, implying that it's vans, but sometimes things get lost in text. Maybe I needed to be clearer about that :). I am doing the trucking school, because I do not have a driving license, and they will give me one as a part of the education. I am thinking that I might as well take the truck license as well, so I have it just in case I need to borrow a big truck at some point. That saves me having to find a company to haul the items for me. I can do it myself, saving money on that :)
A funny story. When I was in high school, a girl I was dating, and her parents split up.

Before they split, the girl I was dating asked me if I could drive a stick shift and I told her "yes, why".
She said that her mom wanted to move and they would pay me $50 to drive the truck. So, I said yes.
I figured it was a pick-up truck. Wrong ! It was a huge truck. While her father was bowling, her cousins
and her and her mother hurridly packed up everything. I mean everything. They didn't even leave a light bulb, soap, a towel, or a piece of toilet paper. They packed EVERYTHING and I loaded the boxes into the truck and drove the truck to several towns away to her mother's place. I can only imagine the look on his face, when he came home from bowling to their apartment and everything without warning was gone. wow

I didn't have a trucking license and was never in such a truck before (or since), but figured it out.
If I came home and found that my wife had pissed off with everything I'd be like Fuk Yes!!!

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