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Yeah, yeah, I think so. Sunday a 2:10pm Hurray... !!!

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uh oh
How.....devilish of you. grin
Be careful, you may incite the witches of CS;

doh yeah sure, whatever tune you need to beat your meat at. 6's aren't you just precious thumbs down
You will now be 'noted' in the Black Book of the Beast...laugh
mic... feeling a little green?

chance... if the shoe fits, wear it.

Jim... I never saw the movie.

Bent... vulgar you are. Be gone with thee!

Luke... it was the next number up on the list.
I highly recommend the move c. Jack Nicholson as the devil. Michelle Pfieffer, Susan Sarandon & Cher as the 3 ladies that get seduced/charmed by him and then rebel against him. It's good comedy !

I like the Witches of Eastwick because I like all the players in the movie.

I'm not religious but that number did give me the heeby jeebies for a second.
Jim, the videos didn't play.

Fay, the blog before me was 66,665 and the blog after me was 66,667 so it was no big deal. Not like I flashed some demonic phrases and conjured of a hail storm.
The counter is way least on my phone
Hmmm. Perhaps a temporary problem with the videos. Perhaps not.

Try this one;

and this one again;

Both videos played. Thanks.
It looks to be an interesting movie.
Sometimes YouTube has full-length movies for free, I'll check that out this weekend.

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