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Smugglers drop children, ages 3 and 5 over US border barrier

Video released Wednesday by U.S. officials shows two Ecuadoran children being dropped by smugglers over a 14-foot-high barrier along the U.S.-Mexico border. The two were checked for injuries and are now in the care of U.S. authorities.

Comments (7)

I'd not be Surprised if the "smugglers" were the kids' parents -
lovingly abandoning/entrusting them to Gringos to give their kids a brighter future.
One calls to mind the Mother of infant Moses setting him adrift in the Nile River.

Had the parents attempted a border crossing as an intact Family -
the kids would be sent back with the parents.

There's something about this that's at once both Noble and Heart Rending ... broken heart

The Smugglers evidently Care about the kids, as they lower them as much as possible before dropping them - Presumably so as to Not Injure Them. smitten

This is heart breaking to watch this Willy...............crying poor babies don't know why this is being done to them...............crying
Send them back to their loving parents!
Survival by any means necessary , that's the parents talking . I hope they don't have any more children .
It's claimed that there incidents of parents flatly denying their kids to increase the kids' chances of staying in the U.S.
Reportedly, DNA testing is used to prove kids' relationship to parents & the families are turned away.

Just feel sorry for the kids..

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