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rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing I was going to buy one egg as i have put weight on during lockdown. But best easter egg yet i view another property in another town after the Easter break.grin

Yep i am done roaming now (hopefully) and this will be last move if all goes well.

I have also booked holiday in Wales in October to go up Snowdon so i reckon lockdown will be okay.

MMMMM life is good peace teddybear

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Happy Easter, FEDEX hug

I got Two eggs made up for ya bunny
Since you're allowing yourself only ONE Egg - Let me know which you prefer ...


Thank you miclee, the one with all the leaves on will do for me. easter basket teddybear
Happy Easter to you!!! Size matters dunnit?

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Have a lovely time, bouquet
Thanks for the Easter wishes and glad to read you are not waiting around for Christmas (in May),
planning your other wonderful events in the
Hi Red,
You do realize that one egg will onlycause you to crave for two, two will cause the craving for more and so on. Best buy a box...laugh
volo laugh size mmmmm depends what one can do with any size, eat it all in one or take your time and savour rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Rose Yes no need to hang around. Even i am not unpacked i can enjoy my May Xmas with son and wife and dogs dancing dog and relax.

Hope your Easter break going well teddybear
Luke a box it will be laugh laugh
Dunnit. Gotcha. New word into my vocabularee. Thanks. writing

Hello exred the third purple heart ohh, nice new house and all. Beautiful!
so transportation you could move me but must eat my eggs first laugh laugh

Happy Easter
Yea, i have a little postman pat car, hope it will do laugh
Put a roof wrack on top and it can pull a trailer cant it laugh laugh
Happy Easter Red teddybear

What happened to your exercise? laugh
HAPPY EASTER MERC. I still do some at home most mornings but just eeeeaaaaat laugh more
I don't want you to kill yourself laugh
laugh laugh laugh teddybear
Triple X Red sounds like, I passed with with the pig.. laugh

I do have a pork loin.

Life under the microscope here... just seen my first covit idiot door to door sales rep.

Not looking out for the public interest. No mask and ringing doorbells..

Good luck with your move..

thumbs up
tHANKS swammi yep i did have one-----egg after all and thanks for good wishes on move. MMMMM I still will wear a mast for many moons yet and i can distance myself from my beloved TREES laugh laugh and squirrels etc. People i am miles away from they can kill me rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
doh MASK teddybear

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