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Today driver slams into 2 Capitol police officers outside the Capitol building and is shot & killed

Today from the NY Times;

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Jim, do you wear one of those Life Alerts in case you fall down and can't get up"
No, but maybe in 40 years I'll get one. Do you like yours ?

As an update, the police office that was airlifted..... died. :(
negative. i'm fine being discovered dead of a heart attack. until then, happy trails
thumbs up Orchid
Let it come as a Surprise ... very happy
Wow! You're really on it. You'd almost think people here don't have another news source other than your cut and paste Breaking News posts Jim. Bet you have a police scanner, a CB radio and a train set in your basement that you seem to be entombed in. laugh
That would be another bet you would lose.
another update from the NY Times;

sad flower
It's too soon to draw Definite conclusions - But it may've been Suicide By Cop.

One might speculate that there was significance in the selected date -
Good Friday ... dunno

As more info comes out ...

I'm increasingly guessing Suicide By Cop - Why Else bring a Knife to a Gun Fight??
If he was looking to go out in a Media Blaze Of Glory -
The razor-wired, barricaded Capitol was the BEST Location in the Country.

If there were Messiah/Martyr issues -
The choice of Good Friday may've been Significant.

If suicide was the goal, he could have drove the car over a cliff, rather than attempting to kill 2 cops and succeeding in killing one. If the knife versus guns was an isolated incidence without him inflicting wounds on the cops, I would at least be more inclined to agree with you.
The Objective of Suicide By Cop is to Induce Cops to Accomplish the Suicide ...

Attacking officers with a vehicle, then exiting the vehicle with a knife and "lunging" at officers would be Consistent with Suicide By Cop.

This guy was an athlete. Quarterback on the football team. In all reports he was a mellow guy. Never on drugs. So what comes to my mind when I hear of someone changing their routine to this degree.....

Manchurin Candidate
It's an interesting point, agent, and I've heard it raised by folks IRL.

I'm not sure what would've been Gained by having that incident performed in that manner by someone of that demographic.

Specifically -
What group/organization would have Both the Wherewithal to accomplish it AND the Motivation to Do it?

That said -
Just because I and folks with whom I've discussed the incident couldn't figure those things out does Not necessarily mean it Was Not Done ... dunno

Whenever something like this occurs, a good general rule is to ask what group/organization/ideology/Etc. BENEFITTED from the occurrence having taken place?

Example -
The burning of the German Reichstag benefited the Nazis who blamed it on Jews & advanced their agenda of Anti-Semitism.

In This instance, no such group/organization/ideology/etc. comes immediately to mind.

Other Possible explanations for Abrupt, Unexplained & Extreme behavior change Could be physical organic processes - Brain tumor, Chemical imbalance & such.

Presumably those possibilities (and Others) will be looked into as the investigation proceeds.

IMO the grievance was Biden/Obama not giving enough praise to the Nation of Islam. Politicians often pander to different people/groups and then ignore after they gain power. Dude was probably a bit of a zealot and resented the lack of attention after the election
Chance -
The Islam connection Could be motivation for Suicide By COP.

Example -
Driving off a cliff = Merely Dead.
Suicide By Cop (presumably an Infidel) = Martyr Status & 72 Virgins banana

From the NY Times;

Did Trump sent him there? dunno
Not directly. However, apparently, his job and other frustrations from the pandemic seemed to be the tipping point for him to lose it.
Sooo ...

You're sayin' the ChiCom Deployed Bioweapon, Crats & MSM are Responsible? ...

No Mic. The collateral damage was the over 500,000 dead, because the president before Biden cut the pandemic response team, did not follow the pandemic guide program,
and denied that there was a problem, as well as promoted falsehoods and unproven treatments.
2020 has intensified the perception that your elders/authorities are traitors/losers/pulling up the ladder behind them.

But don't kill yourself. Don't be another of these few millennials who can think who then finds himself a terrorist for some reason. You're feeling too little.
'Nastics -
Yes, But ...
If it was the ChiComs(!) that first Deployed their Covid Bioweapon ...

And, Of Course, Every One of those 500k would be Alive if ONLY Hildebeest was Prez. crazy

Actually - That Might be TRUE! ...
The ChiComs may've been Less apt to've Deployed their Covid Bioweapon ... dunno

Hi Jim, how are you doing? Surface here again after almost a 2 year gap??
Anyway, what a tragic end to this poor young cop.this world is full of so many sick and weird people....Fly high Mr. Cop and may you rest eternal peace and love????
t - Welcome back. You've been missed. hug

M - it appears to be a fallacy, that Covid-19 was an intentional bio weapon.

(continued below)
(Continued from my last comment)
doh Well DUHH ...
That's Exactly how those who Created & Deployed the Bioweapon made it Look Like!
For Obvious(!) reasons.

Which makes a Helluva Lot more sense than the "Trump Killed 500k" narrative.
GOD! Whenever I heard someone spew that crap I wanted to rig voting machines very mad
The danged 'Crats beat me to it ... moping

tinfoil hat Trust #1
Your in good hands with (AllState)

Fauci who

good one Mic laugh
A adhok conspiracy theory. roll eyes Apparently, some are simply impervious to facts.
Yan can cook also:

Biden cooked some crack said he smoked a hit or 2 every 15 min..I takes time to cook crack...

pure coke will cook..

Yan can Cook..

Yan, who fled Hong Kong for the United States in April, was among the first scientists in the world to study the novel coronavirus.

“This is created in the lab, this is from, technically owned by China military and also it is spread to the world to make such damage.
BELIEVE whatever you want to believe.
However, the evidence indicates otherwise.

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