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La Cucaracha...

All the condo buildings in my development decided to do renovations around the same time. More than 2 months of pressure cleaning, caulking and painting. New hall lights last week and now we are waiting for the unit numbers to be the icing on the cake.
For them to repaint the doors, they asked all residents to leave their units unlocked and the doors partly opened. Yeah, I made it a point to be home.
The one thing they did was pull off the foam weather strip I added before a hurricane came through 2 years ago so, they can seal the wood. I've got new stripping and waiting for a weekend when I have no specific plans to do the job.
In the mean time, you can see daylight through the edges of the door and jamb.
A few weeks ago, I noticed a small Cucaracha running across the kitchen floor and knocked him out with a spray of window cleaner. Days later there were a few tiny ones on the counter... they met with the same fate. That means war and using some non-aerosol bug spray I went around the cabinets before leaving for the day, with the windows open to air the place out.
All was quiet until until one morning when another Cucaracha came through the crack in the front door. It was a short visit that ended with a shoe burial.
The weatherman promised a cool windy weekend with no rain so maybe I'll actually do the work and make an end to mas Cucarachas.

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save your money on chemical cleaners ,,,just use bleach and vinegar in a spray bottle will kill all known critters and also pesky ants instantly ,,,,
And you're never too old for a red Harley dude!!!

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Bleach and vinegar?
That sounds like a deadly combination... or was that bleach and ammonia?
vol, I can say there wasn't any time in my life a Harley made it to my want list.
Currently I'm thinking of ordering a folding eBike.
Maybe his and hers models... laugh

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Heh, it doesn't quite have the throbbing girth of a fat throbbing Harley!!!laugh

But hey dude, just embrace being alive!

Happy Easter to you and yours!
yep bleach and vinegar ,,very toxic indeed ,,,but does the job ,,and as you prob know that vinegar is the wonder acid ,,cures all manner of things and ailments too,,,
Yeah great idea.

Mixing bleach and vinegar creates potentially lethal chlorine gas. If you notice a pungent smell after mixing household cleaners, you should immediately leave the area and try to breathe in fresh air.laugh
Bollocks! laugh
(I'm just embarrassed!)


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