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Back to Work

Good day CS!

Just an update on my health status: Still alive! Thank you. head banger I was just discharged 4 days ago. No more symptoms. Although, i still easily get tired when I exert effort, that I forget about a lot. PCR samples were not taken anymore before discharge as the doctor said after 10days a patient should be non-contagious if without any symptoms. So I take his word for it. Also it was stated in the guideline from the ministry of health here that was adapted from WHO. So I just trust them. I still make precautionary measures when talk to other people though. In case.

Anyway, I am set to go back to work tomorrow. Im kinda excited to go do something after being away from work for 18 days. I hope its going to be a productive day tomorrow.

Happy Easter everyone teddybear

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thumbs up Happy Easter!

Hard to believe a year passed so quickly.
I have so many thoughts I will try and send you
an email before you head back to a busy schedule.

It's amazing that you survived...... hospital food. laugh
Seriously, welcome back to society. Build your strength back up slowly.
You can be slightly more fearless now, as getting it a second time is not often heard of.
You are over the worst.

Love and support from up north.

Thank you @Chatillion wave

@Rosehipster, thank you dear. Happy Easter. Lookkng forward to getting busy. Hopefully I can accommodate everything wine
To be honest i was barely surviving the hospital food. Its a good thing my friends send me food everyday. Mostly I live off of apples and juice. Thank God the worst is over. Thank you wave
Thank you for your encouragement. heart wings
Miss Chelli,

Great to see you're doing better!

Wishing you a Happy Easter and lots of better and better days! bunny
Good to hear you are well. I just had my booster 5 days ago. I'm glad to have som freedom back.
thumbs up thumbs up good for you. (nobody needs to tell you how important sleep is)

Happy Easter
Happy Easter ??????
April 2 to April 21.
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