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Amen! ... please
He has risen wink smile
I was Hoping for a Resurrection Blog on which to post this ...
tip hat
Much Obliged, Witch!

witchy as risen again laugh laugh

Happy Easter teddybear
Merry easter!!
Thank you Sky, hope you had a happy Easter as well wine

laugh laugh Red, sorry to hear about your Duke sad flower

Thanks for the song Lee and Amen indeed tip hat

That he has Chancer, that he has bowing angel

No String moping
Does anyone know where the man has vanished to?
wonder which is it .......................

No one knows or no one cares doh
Who went Itchy?

gift heart1 bouquet wine
Ozzie, them with ants in their pants went itchy laugh

Sorry me bad giggle hole

On a more serious note, I'm concerned about the where abouts of our Mr String?
Them ants ay'....

Well ... you fear he took the stairs up?
Not a tall, but I've noticed he's not been around.....
nowth wrong with missing a regular face, or is there dunno
Not a tall. And that's why I'm talking to you here.

Do you remember a certain blogger who went to south africa to Tangerino?
Remember, how can I forget, it was my first time seeing love found on the blogs....
seldom have seen it ever since.... why do you mention that little episode?
I think I'll let you sleep on it laugh

Hey, come to think of it did Mystyr ever visit you?
long shot here... but is that you M?
No I decided to leave it a mystery wink

unlike you that is roll eyes

Let's turn in before we embarrass this place too much, shal we hehehe. You got my number wine
As you can see, I'm still very clumsy with words hole blushing

past bedtime here, so G'night you and good seeing you again wave

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