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That makes me famous...

Two weeks ago, I encountered an obnoxious and overly aggressive club member at the model airfield. He harassed me stating helicopters cannot fly at the main field. While it's normally used for airplanes, there are no rules stating helicopters cannot fly there. He stalked me from the minute I showed up... before he knew I had helicopters in my car.

I stood my ground, but his threats continued to the point of him calling the Sheriff and Park Ranger. I heard enough from this guy's mouth and put my phone on video to record the event. It was nearly 6pm and nearing sundown. That was enough for me to start packing up while he shouted profanities and stated I was the kind of person who was killing this hobby.

On the weekend, I met with the club president and filed a formal request. Since the video caught him mouthing off, he was easily identified. In an earlier blog I mentioned this event earned him warning number two. Another gets him ejected from the club and banned from flying at the park.

Last week, I had a day off before starting another job so I went to the field in the morning. I met a guy at the helicopter field who I haven't seen before. I introduced myself and he asked if I was the guy who had a 'run in' with another member the previous week.

Yeah, that must make me famous...

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I was a club member once a private biker club... A good friend bought an establishment with 19 rooms and had a bar. The Hotel Bar Avondale in Winburne, PA. Since sold and I'm still a member.

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Next time you see his car there, get your drone spooked up. laugh

Swamie, are you a biker?
Jim, not possible.

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