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Save the planet, save your money

That's right. My newest idea (patent pending) will help you do exactly that.
An untapped safe energy source is central to the future and we already have access to it
and even try to ignore it. It's time to change that. It's time to celebrate it.
It is much safer than oil, nuclear, or electric.

As you may have suspected, I am talking about farts. laugh
Yes, it's time to take ownership and stockpile them as a methane source
for use in the Methanemobile 2021. The first in a series of fart powered transport systems
with the engine, naturally in the rear of the vehicle.
Now the entire family, even the dog, can participate in fully renewable energy generation.
1 case of re-fried beans free with every purchase !

Yes, the idea stinks (literally), but it may be the future. idea

Comments (3)

Well Jim, it will take forever for me to stockpile my "farts"rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

But Seriously -
Find & Patent a method to utilize These "Farts" - Or cure the "Planetary Flatulence"...
... And you'll Save The Planet & make yourself richer'n Midas.


Should invent a waste vent plug for Covid.

Butt plugs are

Write some facts.. How to become a master of crackology

New superpower—“the ability to find crack in any town, at any time, no matter how unfamiliar the terrain.”

learned to cook crack in a bungalow

If the news is fake, imagine how bad history is.

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