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Handouts to the poor.

I have been in contact with the pop up food pantries that use Second Harvest. And the discrepancies. They offer mobile food pantries around the state. I am aware of the offerings from 3 of them. Two are into rural areas, small towns. One is the capital city. What I see for the small towns is lots of potatos, onions, apples, and bread. They might do milk sometimes, or yogurt, cheese and hot dogs. The other I see is the white slime human cat food taco burger meat donated from Wally World.
The big city gives out frozen chicken breasts or hamburger, bacon, cheese, beef cuts, snacks like fruit rollups, canned food like Progresso soups, name brands like Kraft.
Much of it is outdated, donated by big grocers in the city.
I view it as an insult that corporates and major stores wait til stuff is beyond sale to donate and get tax right offs. The other insult is a checker asking if one wishes to donate a buck toward charity. And then the company touts how great they are to the poor. When often it is the lower wage shopper who actually provided those bucks.
How sad that rural people get so little when they have fewer jobs and lower wages. But, the city poor get food the middle class avoids buying for thriftiness.
How much money is being spent now at the border to house, feed and offer medical care. Perhaps our homeless and poor need to sneak across the border to return and declare themselves refugees. Yep..from the greed of the US corporations, CEOs and the rest.blues
When the local food pantries ask for donations, they specify nothing outdated. And the citizens try to help with quality. But, if the big boxes and companies donate it, then that is great because it didn't end up in the land fill. Guess our poor are a step above.mumbling

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One word; disgusting..........from what you describe orzzzz
Don't know if this is different, places where unlike the food bank, you don't need to reveal your income
The food donated can be taken by anyone no questions asked.
There are now several places like that..................applause

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