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Sometime it must be spring.

Dad used to look out the window and say that the last winter he lived. He made it and died in that April. Now I see another spring too. And I always say if I don't hit the ground running in March I am sunk. Like usual, it is half past April already. I busted back and got most of the flower beds raked. I hate oak trees!very mad
Haven't gotten barnyard on them yet, nor mulch from my wood chip pile. I set the hens to raking the one terrace and then the next when first was raked. They do good work and do it for birdseed. Problem is attention span. They work a short bit and then off to somewhere else. So it takes them days to do an area. But, easy for them to get under stuff and then all I need do is gather the piles they make.
I drove down the road. See the woods has that pink blush. It is caused by the shells of buds. The next is the green blush and then it seems over night it is BAM! Green woods. I noticed the lilacs have leaves a quarter inch already. Daffodils are in bloom. Grass in the meadow is greening. Nature is in its usual rush to start and get on with it before winter.
I brought seed containers up. Should start some soon. Lettuce sounds right. So much work ahead. Set buckets ready to plant. Buy plants. But, this is the time of hold...raining and 50 today and half the week ahead. I remember digging out and not making it home til the next day in the blizzard that hit mid April in 73. Suckers!rolling on the floor laughing doh
I have kittens everywhere the moms have hid them. Hens are laying almost a dozen eggs a day. ENOUGH already! Here, have a dozen eggs. YOU need them!!!frustrated
Time to clean the wood shed and start to fill it again. Fields need to get tilled. Weeds killed. The farm dictates life. And nature.

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I like brown eggs. I had my choice also had ginny a few times. Once a goose egg filled the pan.. I was young and it made me sick... But eggs are wonderful. Brown are my favorite for French toast. Not a farmer per say but grown up around the farm. Would enjoy a farm today non stop work..
Color of shell makes no difference. Neither does breed of hen. What counts is food. My hens are free range all over the farm. And beside what they find to eat as to bugs, weeds, grass, frogs and mule manure...all they get is shell corn. So the yolks are orange, not that pale yellow and full of flavor. Commercial hens are fed laying mash. It is soy bean meal, fish meal, corn meal, wheat or oat meal and nutrients. All with the intent to make them pop out an egg every day. A feral hen can live to 15 although most average under 7. A commercial hybrid hen dies at age 3. Mine chickens average at least 5.
My dad liked goose eggs. Mom and I didn't. They are very tight and tough, same as ducks. I guess taste is similar to hen. But it is texture I dislike.
My hens are crosses of ferals, and hybrids and pure hybrids. Some eggs are white, most browns. They range in size from bird egg to small to medium to large and once in a while..YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME..OW size.laugh wow
There are chickens referred to as Easter eggers. They are Araconas.(sp) I had some. Lay green or blue or yellow eggs shells. I waited eagerly. THAT is IT? So pale? I thought like dyed eggs. So much for that. And the hen lays only the one color she picks, forever.
Shell color is genetic to birds for their need to hide and keep safe from predators. Altho..what is up with Robins?dunno confused
Robins this year none that I've seen. About this time every year they have been in around the yard. Flocking and sqwaking around for dibs on nesting. Last year was the first that a robin didn't make nest under my porch deck. I have a few cardinals that are regular visitors. Squirrels are my pets. I choose to feed them with corn from the farm. We had triplets there everywhere.
I have heard a few Robins. But, where is the mass push north of birds. Too cold? Too stormy? Too early? Or are we heading to another Silent Spring. One issue might be the fact that I don't see insects anymore. I thought it due to hens eating around the farm. But, then someone pointed out what happened to the windshield splatters of the past. I started to notice when driving to town. Now a rarity to hit a bug with windshield. No bugs no birds no crops. Getting
No mosquitos either,no May flies then?!

It was 70° F on Easter Sunday I heard.
That is strange!! You're still seeing hawks,
eagles and owls I hope.
Maybe this link can find answers.

My first thought would be to blame spraying for West Nile virus.. but I'm no expert. I have seen changes In my area. An elderly lady once ask me about the bumble bee decline in this area. She lived not far from here.
Me too Swamie sigh
Ok Rose.

I should refrain from the word elderly. Let me exsplain I did work on an older lady's property in 2007 She was in her early 90s fit in her mind. Se was using a walker and showed me her bee hives. Her only fear was that the deer in her back yard might charge her and knock down. Lived alone in the mountain nice area..
No apologies. I am not elderly nor a senior citizen. I am an old woman. And glad to have made it to old age. Every birthday, dad said to me, pig gets that old.laugh I have had high 60s days. It is the middle of April. No more birds around than in winter. No spring songs. A few geese are here. Cranes were and seem to be gone. I see eagles and hear an owl in the pine plantation. I have rhododendrons in bloom. And a little cherry. Sat today at 63 F and saw ONE little bug around it. A fly? A tiny bee? What happened to them being covered with bees. Not even a bumble this spring.
It is just here? Do my chickens eat all the bugs? No bugs, no birds? What is happening?
Rachel Carson wrote a bird long ago...Silent Spring. Things were better later. Are we at risk once more? Take a long look around where you are at? Bugs? Birds?dunno uh oh
Thanks laugh Hoped that is was fine.. I see a lot game out back. Bears last yr, the dog barks then I no there is movement. A few ground hogs over the hill. Heard some Coyotes in the hallow only once. Red hawks always after the baby squirrels. Once an owl lurking in the summer night dropped into a stray cat almost. White owl and lots of rabbits and some deer. I did finally hear a robin. I haven't seen any bumblebee bees in years.
I heard a robin tonight coming back from the barn. Winter came back..28 F last night and again they say tonight. 57 tomorrow. House is holding around 60. I hope sun is out tomorrow so I can sit in it til I cook!help
By lids off garbage cans and stuff...I think there is another coon or possum around. Time to move the live trap where I see it and set it up.
I have ten chilly kittens behind the outside wood furnace. Two moms combined theirs. Good thing so they can keep each other warm. Eyes now open and ears soon. If the two moms stay at night they should be fine. My tenant says he can sell them. Hope so. Or he gets to deal with them.frustrated
Here magnolia, forsythia, tulips, hyacinth & cherry blossoms are all in full bloom.
My spinach is up and sugar snap peas are progressing nicely.
Still awaiting lots of other seeds to sprout.
We are in somewhat of a cold snap. I'm ok with that also. I cut four dead timber down a few years back. The deck is not shady now. Miss that most of all. The grass is need of the first cut. Thinking mulch but how much, I plan to element a part of my front shrubs with a walk on concrete pad for the next owner. So little and so many things odds n ends, 26 in this spot time to move. My k-9 passed last yr in aug. The ground was solid as a rock with no rain. This year should better than last. I have one thing in mind maintain. I wanted mulch the year before but locally is was forbidden.
I had two nights of 28. I think now I am safe to set pots out that spend winter inside. I started some peas in pots in the house. Until the ground is 60, pointless to plant outside cause they won't sprout.. Shade is my problem. I do 5 gallon pails on the deck, over there, over here and anywhere. I am thinking of poisoning off the old garden of grass and wild berry vines and resurrect it. But, buckets are so much easier. I can do fill with barnyard, move them where I want and weeds are minimal and easy to yank out. Only issues with planters is keeping cats out. I pulled the sheet off the cherry tree and actually saw some little pollinators. Tiny fly guys...think bees, could be flies? And today saw one bumble bee. So maybe hope for fruit and veggies.

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