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IT is NOT over!

Why are people acting like the pandemic is over and done with. So many mixed messages aren't helping either. Herd immunity. No one has said the shot bestows immunity. Nor having the virus. All it they do is hopefully stop one from ending up in hospital or dead. One can still get it and still spread it. Especially to anyone without the shots. Look around the US and see crowds of people, no masks, no distancing, no precautions. Now numbers are going up around the world. New variants are causing a more capable virus to spread. It is what viruses are good at.
And the double speak from the medical confuses even more. Kids are safe. Oops, they are catching it, spreading it and DYING. You don't have to wear a mask if you got the shot. EXCEPT. And no one catches that except part. The shots are safe, except for those few it isn't. Not much consolation to the unlucky person that happens to be one of those FEW!doh
Your freedom stops at my nose. So my life will continue on being compromised by YOUR freedom. And my safety is in my hands. I don't care about rights, conspiracies, politics, self centered fun and all the rest. I know people personally who got sick. Don't care if numbers lie. Don't care if it is man made, nature made or how it happened.
The bottom line is there is a virus out there after humans. Use your brain. It is not a joke to the people who are long haulers.. nor the ones who dies or lost someone. When, where, how, why..doesn't matter.
Now go play Russian roulette with 5 bullets in the chamber. Good luck. I wont. Hope all you morons catch it and suffer greatly. And stay away from me!very mad

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Stay at home for as long as you feel safe. No one's forcing you to do otherwise. But other people are ready to get back on the horse and start living life again. As mentioned before tests themselves can be unreliable. Cases vary greatly between areas. For example Florida and Texas have seen cases go DOWN considerably after restrictions were ended including mask mandates. Michigan - on the other hand - which remains one of the States with tighter restrictions in place, is the current hotbed for cases. Go figure. Vaccines are available and people can make what they feel is the best decision for themselves. If you STILL don't feel safe, nobody's forcing you to be around other people. At the end of the day a virus is one of the things that could get us in the end. It may well be a virus other than covid, since viruses are constantly adapting and mutating and thus it's impossible to ever be 100% safe. But stress is another factor. In fact it's long been considered THE major contributing factor to serious disease... so there's that... to factor in. I understand that everyone's stressed out over it, but sometimes stress can be something we do to ourselves. Watching the news for me is probably the number 1 stress factor during the last year, so i just don't watch it! I find it incredibly unhealthy, adds to stress massively, and ultimately anything important enough you can find out online or from word of mouth. Anyway, be well!
It is all in the eyes...laugh
That comment was me. Silly CS allowing your comment to be posted when your session has timed out laugh
applause I guessed it right.
Its hardly started , 135 million out of billions have had it . All but a few only one varient . Governments are trying to get people used to the idea that they are doing a good job while the unhealthy , old quietly die off .

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