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Low hung bassists...

Leo Fender wasn't the first to manufacture an electric bass guitar, but certainly his Precision Bass was the most popular. Released in the 1950's it quickly replaced the cumbersome double bass as it was easy to transport and when connected to an amplifier had the volume needed to be heard in a large stage band.
For the most part, bassists who switched from double bass plucked the strings with their first two fingers. Some used a thumb and the most bass in recordings in that era was legendary Carol Kaye who (switching from guitar) only played bass with a pick. Nearly all her studio work was sitting and she applied tape and foam to mute the strings at the bridge so the tone was more like a finger style play.

Over the years, bassists had different heights for playing their instruments with most of the pop and rock bassists at waist height. Some of the more 'technical' bassists held the instrument higher with the neck level as it was easier to reach lower and upper registers. Oddly Bill Wyman from the Rolling Stones played high with the neck nearly vertical.

Enter the metal bands and some bassists had their guitars down around their kneecaps!
other than aesthetics of looking badass, it's really difficult to play bass like that.

Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo manages that low hung style.
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Geddy Lee of Rush is mid height.
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Considered by many to be one of the greatest bassists to have lived is Jaco Pastorius.
It doesn't get much higher than that!
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That said, it isn't how low you're hung, it really something else that matters!

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