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vietnam and angry still, more even!

I went to New Zealand in 1965, year of the conscription lottery
President Johnson.
I would have gone to prison rather than go to Vietnam and kill someone who was no enemy to me
I hate that idea now 50+ years later even more than I did then.

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Dude capitalism american mostly and hell we humans cannot do anything else other than make wars..
The new american president already has begun his campaign of bombing to export Democracy...
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Load Of Crap...
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Would you expect anything else from a world driven by capitalists?
I do not!!!
Me too Fargo, me too.

Ever read Blaise Pascal?
I am a cradle capitalist and a Catholic.
Shit happens.
rolling on the floor laughing
I won't begrudge any ancestors
for you.
You can get as pissed as you
want it's your blog.

No poem todaydunno
Oh Really Rose capitalist?
Hell No!
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Where did Fargo-mate go?
Only the usual suspects here laugh
In New Zealand 1963 I was recruited (aged 17) for service in South Vietnam by All Black Tiny Hill + News Media asking young New Zealander's to volunteer to protect our New Zealand Medical Team trying to assist people in Vietnam that were been attacked by group called Vietminh. At the time Tiny Hill caught my attention he was driving Army Scout Cars up and down the road while i was cutting Box-thorn Hedge calling for me to volunteer. NZ didn't then have conscription much much later I worked out that they were lying, they lie about lots of things, i fact the NZ High Court made a decision (2002) in NZ High Court upholding my an outstanding right to lawful discharge from the Legally binding attestation document army and I entered into on 10th day of March 1964, NZ Defence Force continue in contempt of the High Court determination...

Fargofan you better pack your tooth brush cause you'll be needing it soon doh
Why don't you try and do something to prevent the lying Christians from starting another war instead of running away.
At the moment a dumb-arse professor in the ANU is proclaiming Australia will be very likely soon be engaged in another war America war defending Taiwan. The christians perceive they can abuse the our democracy yet again, just like Biden has and start another to assist America dictate international trade settlements.

and full of it Christopher Pyne has lent his foolish opinion to the dumb-arse professor in the ANU thought bubble.

Former defence minister Christopher Pyne warns of potential war with China in the Indo-Pacific region

So I suggest you better put your yellow tea-shirt back on and run away.

If you weren't so bone lazy while criticizing other on here in constantly making silly ill-informed comments on here you could follow the saber rattling that's going on. You might check out the 30,000 commandos picking there noises in West Papua, or your mates in China's intention to set up fishing industry on Darcu Island in the Torres Straits and the number of One Belt Initiative countries supporting other international trade settlement methods other than the lying christian American scumbag Bidens shit, in addition you might give more careful consideration to MH370 & MH17 incidents, and give more careful thought to whether Japan is going to engage in a war against its nearest neighbor Russia which it has a defence treaty with and engage in a war against China because idiot Bidin and Morrison thought bubbles think its a good idea to loose Australia to other forces of evil...comfort
@grands his maths yes of course, long long ago, probably around the same time. Never in French though. Something too I think of his Pensees.
Why is the Christian church even implicated by Rob
moreso than the govts.

Biden-Christian? rolling on the floor laughing that's a stretch.
he is a catholic, brought up by some Nuns I think, and so was Pence a Catholic
@rob have-a-rant-day is it?
and if he had been elected as president e.g. quote "Although Catholicism has long been one of the largest U.S. religious groups, John F. Kennedy and Joe Biden are the only Catholic presidents."! however i do not believe Biden got anywhere near 80 million votes and there has not been elected by the people, and or if you like the documents files by Trumps legal team alleging serious electoral fraud had to have been brought before competent court of law, his legal team cannot be deprived of hearing of application for leave on electoral fraud appeals that's simply not lawful.
But yes he's a catholic, but despite the thrill of meeting John Paul, there was one thing Biden refused to do: kiss the pope’s ring, an Irish Catholic he was educated by nuns in parochial schools.

Four days before President Trump was inaugurated in January 2017, the outgoing vice president, Joe
Biden, was in Ukraine — his sixth visit in seven years — to deliver a rousing farewell speech.
“You’re fighting both against the cancer of corruption, which continues to eat away at Ukraine’s
democracy within, and the unrelenting aggression of the Kremlin,” he told local leaders, politicians
and parliamentarians in Kyiv, the capital.
Biden’s interest in the region goes back to his first term in the Senate in the 1970s. He focused on
European affairs, and after the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, he directed attention to former Soviet
states including Ukraine, arguing they be allowed to join NATO and given economic and military
After Russian troops seized and occupied the Crimean peninsula in the spring of 2014 — the first
post-Cold War territorial takeover by Moscow — Ukraine rose to the top of the Obama
administration agenda. Obama essentially outsourced the portfolio to his vice president — a task, by
most accounts, Biden enthusiastically embraced.
Some of the shit Biden declared while giving a public address in Ukraine on 9th December 2015, Kyiv, Ukraine e.g.
"Today Russia is occupying sovereign Ukrainian territory. Let me be crystal clear: The United States does not, will not, never will recognize Russia’s attempt to
annex the Crimea.
no I'm responding to your post, trying to point out there are forces for evil attempting to create another war

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