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What do you think they are saying?

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Pretty stunning, I think it was the 2019 celebration of China's victory over Jiangjieshi

My guess from the wide and oval mouths is the 'zhongguo!' guo - the 'country' of China. But on the other hand it could just be a warning about ...

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? Oval mouths? What? LoL

We ware short shorts an commercial for legs
actually it could be as mundane as 'er' (2) in 'yi er san si' 1 2 3 4
They are yelling Long Live Mao.

Or maybe Nom Myoho Kyo.

I am pretty sure they aren't singing Hare Krishna, Hare Rama, Hare Krishna...

Maybe they are singing give peace a chance..
Nom Myoho *Renge* Kyo
Over the years, I've seen different versions of this parade, cuts with different music. They are the equivalent to an all female version of the National Guard in America. They are shouting a cadence.
(Doubtful it's to the left, to the left, to the left right left)

I'm guessing it is not ...."Oh Canada..."
Are those Makarov pistols? I didn't know China used the Makarov design. But those certainly look like Makarov holsters.
No-one will attack these solders. wanting patiently here in my bunker. Come here with your wife beater shirt. Sad someone up north will jack slap this unit for sure.
could indeed be simply 'left right' 'you zuo' (like yo zwo) but the mouth dosn't open so wide - I do hear several other short chants
From what I remember they are shouting "Jia Yóu" the putonghua equivalent to "come on".
I like to watch them myself. Shows much love from a military standard. I like it in slow motion. seen the dance in North Korea. Well establishedlaugh
Beautiful looking girls.
Saying: "Ooostriches are fast animals"
@red but if you say jia you (step on the gas) your mouth closes!

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