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Throwing this out there

I have two points
1) I believe Covid19 is a very deliberate RNA recombinent virus, that is artificially made.
2) I believe the evidence China is where it was made is very thin and we should be willing to consider other sources.

Regarding point 2, I know the French Health ministry has the same suspicions I do. In late 2020 they dug up a bunch of corpses of people who had died from November 2019 through January 2019 supposedly of pneumonia and or heart attacks. They autopsied these corpses. In about 20 of them they found Covid19 which means the virus was present in France months before China recognized it had a problem in Wuhan.
In the United States a bunch of people started getting sick with what doctors thought was the Flu in October 2019. Some recovered, some didn't and died. This was pretty much ignored until the Wuhan problem became a theme for President Trump to complain about.
Again regarding point 2 I know for a fact that when they got sick in October 2019 a lot of those people (including me) got chest Xrays. At the time, since no one had heard of Covid19 no one was looking for it. We now know that Covid19 leaves a specific fingerprint that shows up on chest Xrays and CT scans. For whatever (political) reason the US Public Health and CDC is not bothering to look at CT scans or Xrays from the Fall of 2019 taken of people who were labeled as possible Flu patients.
I am going to pull my October 2019 Xrays and get them to someone independent who knows the fingerprint and see if he sees what I think he may. Yes, I know there is a whole can political worms if he sees I had Covid19 in the DC area 2 months before Wuhan China had it.
If I did, then that would (including premise 1) that the virus is most probably an escapee from some contractor;;s private P2 or P3 laboratory and China then becomes the fall guy for what we (or some other country such as Germany, Canada, England, Brazil, etc.) unleashed on the world. Obviously it is in the best legal interests of all guilty parties to deny everything and continue to point fingers at China. Note: I am not sayig (yet) any government was behind the intial outbreak. I strongly suspect some private corporation with inadequate safeguards did it, and has since kept totally quiet and hope no one ever figures it out.
Ae there private medical research facilities with Bio Hazard P2 or P3 or even P4 labs? Yes. There are whole clusters of them around Frederick, MD (because the US Armies infectious disease warfare center is at Ft. Detrick (where a shooting of Navy personnel by a Navy person, who was then shot by US Army personnel (MPs) happened just last week). And another cluster down around Reston, VA (where you may recall 2 decades ago a few monkeys with Ebola virus escaped from a lab), and then of course there is the US Dept of Agriculture Animal Disease Center on Plum Island (near NYC) and the many contractors working in support of that research are located (didn't several groups claim this disease appears to have started in bats (an animal Plum Island studies). That list is not complete by any means. There are medical research labs with the capability to gene splice in almost every state. Almost every country in fact. Some are Government owned, some are privately owned with no real official oversight.
If some private experiment created this Covid19 monster and kept quiet when the virus escaped and began infecting and killing people, what should their punishment be?
Can the epicenter of the Covid19 infections be located? Yes. By simply studying every chest Xray and CT lung scan done from August 2019 to January 2020. Is anyone in the US willing to do that? Probably not. There is a lot of good political mileage acquired by blaming China. If someone proved China is not the culprit, well then not only would most of the wold owe China an apology, but we would also have to go after everyone that was, and also everyone who knew that and pretended otherwise

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Hmm, interesting reading. As I stated on that other blog, something feels off about the officiale WHO explenation that "this is just another bird/swine..bla.bla-flu from some food market. No don't feel so to me.
Manipulated dna in the cure, hmmm.

Must have escaped by accident.
Don't think this was the product they wanted (not completed), but then again perhaps.

Where da heck the lab was... Investigation needed.
All I got to say is if you got someone crazier than crazy heart calling you and sending boobies pics you just got your CS mailbox jammed with forward her number please requests..adjust your settingsrolling on the floor laughing

Johnny and Robert I already asked and got your men mail blocked,what this cost me_ I'm only charging your the Spring fever rate,double.
Right at the beginning of the pandemic, my money was on a research lab c*ck-up resulting from sloppy adherence to safety protocols, simply because it's human nature to be sloppy when it comes to sensible rules.

I also thought blaming it on the wet market was a means of passing the buck onto a group of people who wouldn't have the means to fight back. Ill-educated people living in poverty don't have a voice and blaming them would serve to 'save face' for the people who do.

From what I've read, covid is not an engineered virus and that was just poppycock spread by Judy Moskwitz and other muppets.

I have also read that post-mortem tissue samples retrospectively tested in Italy also suggest the outbreak started months earlier than originally thought. That in itself doesn't indicate patient zero, nor the source of the outbreak.
Johnny and Robert dm
Col, jac. From what you've read, covid is not an engineered virus.

Ok, but what do you feel? That is more intresting to me at this stage.
Cos the officiale (what we can read) seems bought.

I had the opposite journay: started convinced on the horrible live food market, ended in the lab.


As usual we can always agree to disagree, but I really is interested what your gut tells you this time Jac?

It could have been a lab c*ck-up, or from 'nature'. The literature is leaning towards a jump from one animal to another and then to humans, but I as far as I can tell that's a sound, educated guess, rather than something which has been unequivocally proven. Certainly, the origin has not been identified.

Either way, human muppetry is involved. No surprises there.

I think we need to eat more plants, reduce the amount of farmland, stop factory farming animals, stop encroaching upon wildlife and regain our wilderness/biodiversity.

The Judy Moskowitz thing about the virus being spliced with HIV has been debunked: the sequence of DNA they have in common is not exclusive to HIV. It was a bit like saying it had bananas in the recipe therefore it must be a milkshake.

Whatever the source, I think the unusual circumstances have created a number of paradigm shifts, whether that's employment practises, discrimination awareness, inequality awareness, environmental awareness, mental health/well-being awareness, lifestyle awareness, whatever. I hope that we will continue to grasp the opportunity and progress.
People "believe" a lot of made-up b.s.
However, the molecular EVIDENCE indicates, that it was not engineered.
But, people will continue to BELIEVE whatever they want.
Have You seen that evidence yourself Jim? And verified it to the best of your knowledge, or you just took it the way it was handed to you, second hand.

You can't believe the so called evidence just like that any longer Jim.
That has to be verified too these days. Too much special interests.

In my opinion.
I have seen the evidence in a peer reviewed scientific journal, which undergoes far more scrutiny from fellow scientists, than any news source. In science it is part of the review before publication. Someone who is actually a scientist and has published in scientific journals understands this.

Again, this won't change BELIEVERS from believing whatever they want. head banger
Of course if 80 years from now a declassified paper admits someone did invent it and then accidentally release it, Jim the old, long dead corpse won't care or even issue a retraction. . banana
Somethings to ponder over

Only 300k cases of A and B influenza in 2020

Not one lab regardless of funding has found a "Viable" sample of the CONvid-19 Including the CDC

The RNC (rapid test) is adjustable Everyone has it in them Turned up it can detect it in everyone

It is designed to 1 F with the election (Currently Groper Joe is blaming Russia ) So he admitted election fraud Gotta blane someone huh

Oh did I mention "The Left wing and the Right wing come from the same bird"

Uncle Joe has been destroying our Constitution and unalienable rights (been going on for 200 years)

Systematic racism is created by the Corrupt corporate rulers (Fed Reserve)

1871 the Peoples Constitution was replaced with a corporate constitution

Fact If you want the truth get off you butt and research I have found this site It's real You can read any bill or resolution in text word for word since the inception of America In It's including the one that gives the CCRs the right to force vaccinations Beautiful name tho "Protecting the American citizens" Peace out

Yoichi Shimatsu...{ Former Hong Kong agent.

You are getting warm. Yoichi has been on the COVID story from Oct. 2019.
I was in an ed and observed for about 12 hours with a lung issue caused by some unknown bug in November 2019. . I Could barely breath then. I couldn't pay so they kicked me to the curb. I went home and slept on my stomach because i found it was easier to breath that way. Thank god for uber eats, doordash and whatever home deliveries or i would have starved to death. I started feeling a little better by Christmas 2019.
No, systemic racism is created by all of us.

We innately fear and block the unfamiliar; we profit from these actions at the expense of others.

I thought this whole conspiracy ethos was borne out of fear, filling gaps to explain events in a comforting, or distracting way.

From your post, I know realise it's also about abdicating personal responsibility.

If we accept that the way we treat this planet is our own downfall and we're not quite the most successful, intelligent species we think we are, we accept that whatever the source, we have a pandemic.

If we accept we have a bug going round which is hospitalising and killing people, we accept that we must change our behaviour to reduce it's impact. We acknowledge that we must change the way we treat the planet to reduce the increasing likelihood that pandemics will occur with greater frequency.

What the pandemic has brought us is a fresh perspective, a shake up. Instead of whining about how it's everyone elses fault and how control is being taken away, we can take personal responsibility and take advantage of the opportunity/awareness for change.
I still believe it was a lab created virus. right after my first comment was deleted. It started snowing for a few minutes. God sends signs.I will look for answers regardlesslaugh but it really did snow..
I saiid right from the beginning we have a nasty bug going round and then it pissed it down with rain.

It was a sign that I'm right and my god is the real one.

I find it comforting that god is a white man like my daddy.

Well, my daddy's white enough to pass. Mostly.
I had a brain fart and then I did find Frank Plummer and the article. The real question is who was patient zero. I believe nothing what I hear and half of what I see. Even the professional have mixed thought on the bug. I would think if they can run your DNA thru CODIS for sex crimes. Why we can't genetically link it in reverse.
If I in my own opinion think a comment is irrelevant to the original topic, or too far out in left (or right) field, of course I will delete it and if that offends the person, well so be it. I am sure that if there is a God I will be punished for it by him, or not. Only time will tell.

head banger
galrads - That is not too dissimilar from my own experience or that of one of my coworkers. I can't speak for their experience beyond that person describing it as a Flu from Hell that lay them sick at home for 2 weekd back in October 2019. In my own case whatever it was lasted about 2 1/2 weeks that October and I finally gave up and went to the doctor when my SpO2 dropped into the low 80s and breathing was hard. After exam and Xrays I was told I definitely had something, but he had no idea what (noting also he definitely did his best to maintain a 3 foot distance as much as possible). I was sent home with a can of asthma spray and instructions to go to the ER if the symptoms worsened. 4 days or so later my O2 levels began climbing again and I got better. Of course since no one had even heard of Covid yet there was no such thing yet as a PCR swab. I am pretty confident that if that had been available 3 months before Wuhan I would have tested positive.

Molly regarding restoring the Earth.. The best way to do that is eliminate most of the people. Not a new idea. Tesla, Edison and Eiffel came up with that solution over a century ago. Allegedly W. Disney supported that concept too. More recently Bill Gates is also allegedly a proponent of reducing the human herd back down to a more manageable 100 million or so. That would indeed be good for the planet, the birds, the trees and fish and also greatly reduce air pollution while returning our moisture back into the water tables. Do I think Covid19 is the tool someone chose for the task? No it is too clumsy and slow. We as a species breed much faster than it can kill us off. For the supporters of the plan to eliminate us, fret not, there is a new hemorrhagic fever coming allegedly more lethal than Ebola and more communicable too. Only a few cases thus far in the same regions of Africa where Ebola emerged. But give it time, it will spread if not snuffed.
outdoor_muppet • pred 7 hodinami • Kolín nad Rýnem, Minnesota USA
Neco, nad

cím premýšlet Pouze 300 000 prípadu chripky A a B v roce 2020

Ani jedna laborator bez ohledu na financování nenašla „životaschopný“ vzorek CONvid-19 Vcetne CDC

Plne souhlasím se znením celého clánku. Kolem Covid to hodne smrdí a nekomu prináší neskutecné zisky. A ostatní lidé doplácí na tuto komedii ztrátou ústavních práv a svobod.
Verím, že ten virus tu byl už pred tím, než se zacalo o tom mluvit. A svet se tocil, nic zvláštního
se nedelo než zacala média šírit paniku.
I'm Jac, not Molly.

I think we can do better than wiping everyone out with disease, but it may come to that if we don't start acting responsibly.

Japan has stabilised their population, so maybe we can learn a thing, or two from them.

We need to do far more than that, though. We really need to look at sustainability and increasing/repairing wildlife ecosystems.

It's the responsibilty of all of us to evaluate our lifestyles and create change. We can do that in so many ways to reverse our cumalitive impact.

This is what we should be focussing on, not whining and blaming. Instead of fearing change and feeling out of control, we can take control and create our own change.
I just read a comment that covid was slow and sloppy. I think it caused deaths and has mutated plus what really is the long term effect. Now I'm not looking for an argument but really what we don't know now maybe has some effects later.
@Jac ,thanks for this video. Watched it a few times thanks again stay safe.
May be watched after on:

This was the first expose on this Modern Plague. When I first posted this, I was howled down with derision (by certain naive Sinophiles, on here); but this is now looking increasingly likely..........

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