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Accidental Research

Tag.} First of a fleet of automotive Mcblogment s.

There is a 99% chance your car will be fine.
But we rockamend you get this new oil that will reduce mileage & void the manufacturer warranty.

Comments (8)

rolling on the floor laughing will the "your car's warranty expires "
telemarketers quit calling me then.laugh
A delicious & mCveiled reference to the current medical $ituation.
my mcchev got inspected 4/9
everything was fine
10' yak
set for the back
not picked up yet
jump box on order
roadside outside an hour
Dart to the rescue
if straps continue
to keep Pelican on board
without radio
More Accidents.....they just keep piling UP

Living in the Food Belt..} great San Joaquin valley

And being inside pool $ervice....means you have the means of knowing the sheer number of particulate junk { metals } in the Air...{ and / or water.

First of all, we import drafts of smog from the L A Basin...and hold it....a change in season, then we get drafts from the bay result = dirtiest of Amerikan Cities.
We still Addition...
Almost daily fly byes of a plethora of K C 135s...and
...X me, the Valley getz way more X
Than other places-- the simple reason; more Federal Airports than you. More sq.miles..,more Natl.Guard facilities, more majek D.
Before the passports take effect, NOW is a good time to get in your Galaxie 500 or Ranchero Camaro and head out to Beverly or Berkeley CA...or Pasadena or $an Diego..or Thousand Oaks ..or prestiferous L A...
.. don't let anyone stop you...cuz there are NO Republican fingerprints here...and NO Republicans at all in $anta Cruz.... everything is chipper & Rosy & tranny....A Paradise for al...
...maybe eYe can find work at the travel bureau ?
CA was a great place;
for guitars and cigarettes
topless and some regrets
a town with
plenty forgets
drop your drawers'
drop your meds
life hurts
that's the less
L A s...fine the Sun shines..
..most the time....palm trees grow..
..rents are Low ..{ ?
But you's just not Fresno.
...eYe am I said.... diamond & my eYe.
LA had her time
now BLM curses resign
whites fighting makes good sport
falling knees break a fever
that boils and burns
blistering humanity
dox me
i got nothing to lose
let freedom ring
i'm waiting

Which is better uphill oil or downhill?

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