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Impromptu movie night yesterday!

I was scrolling through Amazon Prime yesterday, as you do. The movie Bloodshot caught my eye, and I thought "Hang on, isn't that the one with Vin Diesel? I have always wanted to see that".. So I did. I quite liked it. Action packed, full of pretty spectacular stunts but the CGI wasn't really the best. Most noticeable was when Vin was having a superheroesque brawl with one of the villains. Very enjoyable two hours. Once that was over, a quick break with some food, and then I jumped straight to Netflix, and into a suspenseful thriller, that was suuper dark. Night Hunter, was the name of that movie. It stars Henry Cavill as a weathered detective in Canada, who is investigating a death, and gets caught up in a very dangerous case, involving a recently arrested man linked to years of female abductions and murders. Besides Cavill, Alexandra Dadario, Ben Kingsley, Stanley Tucci and Brendan Fletcher completes the main cast. Brendan Fletcher REALLY shines in this movie, which is a great watch. It's filled with great acting and a twist you never see coming. When it happened, I went "Of COURSE! How could I not have seen it?".. The final movie of the night was the 1983 CLASSIC (yes, it's a classic!) Blue Thunder. Why did I decide to watch that? Well, after the darkness that was Night Hunter, I wanted to watch something light and fun, because ending your night with a dark thriller really doesn't do anything to help you sleep. Trust me, I know!

Anyway, Blue Thunder is one of those movies where you go "Wow, it was a simpler time back then". The movie itself is hugely entertaining, full of, for the time, great action and the lead role is well played by Rob Scheider and the rest of the cast is Warren Oats, Candy Clark and Daniel Stern (yes, Marv from Home Alone). When I saw Daniel on screen, I went "Hang on, he seems familiar.. Who is he..?".. I had to go to IMDb to find out, and when I did, it was yet again one of those "Of COURSE!" moments.

I might have to watch more movies from the eighties, because they are a LOT of fun!

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