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mental illness and the fight within .

many people have this weird fight within . They keep fighting for years seeking medical advice too . Every day their brain plays a new trick on them . Some even give up and also give up their life . But there is more to life than suicide and we must encourage these people as well that suicide is not an option .
This was or actually is my problem too , every day my brain would play new tricks on me . My way of copping was ignoring it also seeking mental advice . Also occupying my mind , i joined various groups on facebook , book groups , video game groups , mental health groups and also more focus on my job so my mind would be occupied .
the main thing about this that an empty mind is easy enough to trick but an occupied mind can easily ignore . but that was my case i occupied my mind and that worked for me . i told my self that this world had more to offer than my twisted imagination , there are so many things to do . i made a phrase ''100,000 years worth things to do in this 80 years life '' . By this i copped . but this is my method and it worked for me . Other people have other methods that works for them because every mind is different.
But suicide should not be an option , life is very beautiful . but some people have difficulty seeing this . We must encourage them motivate them that they don't have to give in and show them the beauty of life .
Also seeking professional advice is a must , i repeat seek professional advice . there's nothing wrong about it . A lot of people visit the shrink once in a while . So seek professional advice . Also encourage the people as well . this life is too valuable for suicide .
Please give your opinion .

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I guess the reason few answered is that it's a sensitive topic.
Folks sympathize but is afraid to say something wrong.
Well I'm not afraid to step in the salat with both feet first lol

Yes many good advices you give, thanks for the advice about seeking pro help.
Here my own experience was that you could get it but I had to pay. Didn't help me so much back then, but I'm sure it will help most people especially in serious cases. Yes, help is not far away!

Now finally to MY advice: help others! Like you do here by telling your story! Thank you.
To help other people, even with practical simple small stuff, or social attention... well, that is giving. And as some wise folks once said: to give is more rewarding than to receive.

Nice to see you Ace!

Oslo, Norway. 00:15 Wednesday
gotta go
I'm confused again bouquet
" i told my self that this world had more to offer than my twisted imagination"
And you still came to blogland to share this.
I need a cold bucket of water poured over me.

I have a tenant who is crazy as Heck. She was living out of her car before I agreed with her employer (711) to rent her a room because it looked bad for the employees to be living in their car. 40 something years old. A divorcee. She has been ill for a long time. So ill that at the divorce hearing at the children;s request the judge gave custody to the ex husband. That was 4 years ago.
Currently she believes she is a witch being pursued by invisible witch agents of her husband. She spends her off time either sleeping 15 hours a day, or writing secret logs in a secret language that only other female witches can read. She says she has no need to access my (extensive) library because as a witch she knows everything in a book as soon as she sees the book.
I tried to get her to see some doctors but she has refused. According to her the last time she saw some doctors they showed up at the custody hearing and told lies about her, saying she had done things and said things she never did.
Normally with female guests one thing I do is teach them to shoot. Early on I had mentioned that to her before I knew she was ill. She told me the judge told her she wasn't allowed to have guns. Well that ended that and now everything is under lock and key so she can't.
She has related she was assaulted several times while on the streets but the police did nothing. She is definitely paranoid and shows signs of PTSD overlaying the other issues.
I have had to call the police about her twice. One time when she was screaming threats at the former President and the next one too (the radio had mentioned their names), and one time when she threatened to kill me while I slept. I recorded both incidents, but she told the police she would never say those things and the recordings (and what the police dispatcher heard) were fake recordings.
Last week she was walking around the house backwards in the nude. Later that day I mentioned it and I was told that she is a good christian woman and would never do anything like that and she wishes I would stop imagining things she never did.
I finally realized she has no idea of what some of her persona say or do. At work I have made an appointment for her at social services which she may go to because they will give her a free phone and maybe food stamps she hopes. At work she does things like refuse to make coffee at certain times because the spirits tell her not to, or put all the newspapers face down, or refuse to sell money orders to people in green or blue shirts, etc. Living with such a person is interesting and I sleep with one eye open. My cats avoid her and to me that is telling. They sleep with me and poke me with a claw when they hear her coming in the front door. Like the little girl in that old movie saying 'he's back.' But they mean her.
DM me Ken.And actually Ace too if either one of you need a positive suggestion.
Best wishes because I mean it may be a lifetime but I might offer you some other ways to help.
Ken have you called a social worker? You dont want the VA legal system to try to make you responsible for her. Tell them she is a threat to her life and has threatened others. That can make them jump. Keep a record and diary of things she does. You have obviously already done a lot of that.
My opinion is to live one day at a time. Forget the rest.
I stay away from such people.

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