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The grass isn't always greener...

A little late to discuss the date 4/20 as it's popular for some who smoke weed. I think it's become legal in Florida. One of my clients uses CBD oil to reduce leg pain from a neurological condition. She doesn't get stoned by it but swears by it's medicinal value.

I was hired to work a job where the boss was younger than me. Not long after, he asked "Do you burn?" Getting the gist of his question, I replied "Burn what?" That derailed his talk about drugs. I later learned he's been a user since his teenage years and keeps his addiction from his wife.
One of his employees told me he partitioned off a small area of his factory and did some hydroponics until a disgruntled ex-employee turned him in!

Some friends went on vacation in the west coast and were surprised you can buy 'stuff' from vending machines.

Little-by-little America is turning green. The part I like hearing is the decriminalization where people incarcerated for some petty possession of a few joints landed them in prison.

Maybe the grass is really greener!

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My state actually passed a law legalizing pot, you just need a medical Marijuana card which is easy to obtain for $100. I often wonder how that works, like if I get pulled over for a traffic violation and I was high, would I be charged for driving under the influence? Or what if someone is high at the workplace and got hurt on the job, what happens then?

Anyhow, my dad has lung cancer and a stomach aneurysm. He tried the CBD oil and he said it did nothing for his pain. I hoped it would help him. crying
If you see this Frisky, I am very sorry to hear about your father.

I worked with a lady who had back pain and pot helped with her pain.

I do know that for many, it helps to increase the appetite when going through chemo.

My thoughts are with you and your family.

Thank you for your well wishes. I appreciate that.hug

Sorry for misspelling your name.

True, except, that when it comes to marijuana, green is not as desired as red or gold or brown.

I think we have a pot shop close. We have a state Store close also. I have no refer and one pint of alcohol, which I could indulge in. Either or. I went twenty years in between drinks. I had a contact buzz once about six years ago. rolling on the floor laughing

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