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Everyone In Pain

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No, I'm fine. tongue


How did it go with the fires in cape town, table mountain and all...

wave Luke

wave itchy,
Beautiful words. Tnx.
Somewhat cautiously optimistic and sympathy!!! Will He return confused
Very nice??
capricorn62•10 hrs ago•Unknown, California USA
Very nice??

Actually , yes, very nice song. “Pain”is not nice feeling, but the song is meaningful and nice. Did you spend your life without experiencing any emotional pain?
Grape wine.
I have experienced pain losing husband and two daughters and others.I am sure everyone has too.
capricorn62•8 hrs ago•Unknown, California USA

Sorry...yes, everyone experienced pain...anyway life goes on...sad flower
Hey Luke!! How are you?
Hey Calli, I can definitely say its going well especially now that you said hi. Long time no
Growing pains and adversities in life makes us stronger as humans.

Right Luke? wave
I'm with you all the way on this one Laf. Hope you have a great day there.
My mother used to call me a pain in the neck!
Never could understand why a grown man is so obsessed with cs. Guess all pakis are needy, hence the 101 profiles.doh
Like the music grin but got to say i have grown thick skin these days laugh laugh just dont care at all about anything thats nasty thrown at me.

Take care Luke teddybear
...pain is not so bad, as long as it doesn`t
I’m in a different kind of pain. Flare-ups on my joints that resulted in difficulties in doing even normal chores.

I inject myself on the stomach once a week to stop the progress of my rheumatoid arthritis.

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I’m in constant pain and have accepted the fact I’ll never be pain-free again but that’s alright coz I’m still breathing and enjoying life. This life is too precious cheering barf
Hello Viking applause

Capricorn hug hug hug

Redex laugh bouquet
barf Oh no! I don’t know how that barf emoji got onto my comment confused

Must be my short and stubby fingers doh
Hi Red, long time.
Sometimes the thorn needs to removed and the pain subsides if its a physical pain.laugh
Vik, you mean the numbing pain that throbs with the beat of ones heart can be less painful than mental pain due to death or losing someone forever.

dunno confused
Mimi, surely you can get hold of soome high quality CBD oil there?
That stuff will cure you in a jiffie.
Hi Luke,

Nice meaningful song .

how are you doing there ?
Im good Crazy, its good to see you back on the job. Working late again i guess. Take care lovely lady.
Hi Luke,

yes, good to be back here from time to time. I don't think us regular bloggers can really stay away forever,laugh Yes, still at work here, will log off in an hour.
laugh thorns pop out over time on there own laugh

Some people get relief talking over pain recant or past but there is a saying (opening old wounds ) and all that.

Take care teddybear
Mimiart teddybear teddybear teddybear lovely to see you sorry about afliction blues you take care best you can teddybear
@ Crazy, for me it kills time between jobs, too long lunch breaks and helps while one is waiting for something. laugh So yes, you are spot on.thumbs up
@ Red,
It is known that when some of the guys 'thorns' pop, they go straight to the loony
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
True funny but true

Thanks, Red teddybear


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I tried this a year ago and it didn’t work for me, unfortunately blues

I have also tried those turmeric with black pepper pills but no relief and stopped taking them after 3 months.

I’m better at managing my pain now. I am in a support group on Facebook and by reading other people’s accounts and experiences, I’m very thankful that I’m still able to lead a pretty normal life thumbs up

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