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Indian health system overwhelmed

Covid has its grip on India . News item on our radio saying that the Indian hospitals are out of oxygen . Victims were two per bed in some places .
With the new variants it will soon become clear if the vaccines will protect victims against all variants , or one for that matter . 2 or 3 of our front line workers have caught covid after being vaccinated , not enough to get a clear picture to see if any worthwhile protection can be gained by vaccination . Thankfully , I'd rather not know than have alot of NZ's infected to prove a point .

china has offered help , best thing they could do is nuke themselves

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Delhi is on lockdown and as reported Indian has the double mutation crippling the Hospital. Nasa failed me, I would less likely be infected with a space suit. Wait till the international space station gets it.... Never had a bug in orbit..
Bit late for lock down , may stem the flow of infection to the hospitals . Hard to see that the figure's are accurate of the numbers of new cases , why count at this point anyhow .
Brainless savages in the Whitehouse have the blood of thousands of Indians on their hands .

ban been lifted since but its too late to help .
I would feel it was more accurate to blame those in the Indian government who denied the problem existed and in some regions still do.
The death rate there is probably close to 30% of all infected. This is because hospitalization is for the most part not available. Search the web, there are plenty of videos of patients dying or dead on the streets outside the ER doors, because they simply don't have the staff or the supplies to treat them. The stat in the Western world is 20% require a hospital stay and Oxygen. 20% of those will need the ICU and intubation. Then if intubated 50% of those often die. India, because admission to the hospital and an Oxygen supply is not available for most, well, India has it's own statistics with 30% of all infected dying in a few weeks. As the video shows, this includes children and young adults. Many have not been tested due to a lack of test facilities and supplies. We know before it all started to bog down Indian had 16 Million with confirmed cases of Covid19. Since many are not tested before getting sick, and or dying the number infected is much higher. It will continue to rise because only a very small percentage of the population there has had any of the vaccines. Even many health workers in the hospitals there have not had access to the vaccine. There exists in India now a black market in both the vaccine and Oxygen.
Other videos show tanker trucks of Oxygen getting police escorts while enroute to the hospital. This is because they have had instances of the trucks being violently hijacked and the Oxygen stolen. There is of course also a market for fake vaccines, just as this time last year in the US our FDA was trying to crack down on scammers selling fake Covid19 test kits. There is always a way for someone twisted to make a dollar.
There was an initiative a decade ago in India to increase the number of college courses leading to a degree in medicine. It got shot down by Indian politicians and the emphasis instead went to technology degrees. Now India's hospitals are short of young medical staffers.
The caste system may officially be dead in India, but it remains a fact that most of those who got their vaccine shot are of the Brahma caste. The lower income castes are of course mostly the ones being cremated.
Could be looking at 400 million plus dead in India . Would not have mattered if the Indian government had understood the problem from day one , sanctions should not have been applied either by Biden or Trump . . WHO have alot to answer for with their poor information at the start of the pandemic . Soon enough there will be a breakdown in the food supply , its going from bad to worse .
So if the stats say only 7% of the world is vaccinated, and Biden's push for aid in Indian helps ramps up the Vaccine to 1 billion. We should be behind this pandemic around 2030 or two years before?

Global COVID-19 vaccinations:

(Partially) vaccinated:
7.00% (+0.03)

Fully vaccinated:
2.99% (+0.03)

To reach 60% at current rate:
876 days (+26)
It would be better if lockdowns were used .
Yeah I would say lockdowns do work. Nothing wrong about (WHO) they dropped the ball in the early stages. Why not blame (them) first alert system breakdown. This is a freaking mess and it's devastating. I think we are going nowhere with it.
NZ and Aussie have it sorted . The deniers need to be sorted , hard .
Embedded image from another site
gota link to that , its too small to read
It would be the last place on earth to successfully dodge a flu. In India 30000 people die on a good day and it's a little hard to believe that the number is now 33000.
Already there are not enough people picking up the dead off the roads , who would know how many are dying at home unseen , uncounted . Why would somebody bother to count the dead anymore when they don't bother to pick them up . Covid won't be the only plague running in India if some swift moves are not made . WHO say lockdowns affect the poor badly and there should be no lockdowns , who do WHO think are dying , is this the cull they have wanted ? bastards
I've always supported lockdowns T , hard one's . Picking off the odd curfew breaker would be a good idea as far as I'm concerned .
Rather enjoyed the lockdown we had , showed up just who the useless mouths were .
epirb -"from day one , sanctions should not have been applied either by Biden or Trump..,"

Screw that thought. Those inventing and paying for a vaccine have a perfect right to ensure their own tribe / country is provided for first. Materials needed to make vaccines, since germ warfare does exist, are properly categorized as military supplies. Military supples are always under ITAR subject to case by case review before export. If a country isn't supportive of the country making the vaccine or supplies, then only an idiot would approve making an adversary nation stronger. India has (finally) agreed to some things and now the supplies are coming. Had India agreed to terms earlier, then maybe the supplies would have been there last year.

Regarding WHO, they were (still are) way too deep in bed with China's Politburo policies. January and February 2020 were full of WHO downplaying the crisis and giving bad information. Remember, 'there is no proof of airborne contagion?' LoL how did they imagine the pneumonic virus spread? Who knows (pun not intended)? Point is they confirmed nothing for months, not even that it was a Pandemic even after it had obviously jumped National borders.

Let us note that this virus is not nearly as efficient a killer as Ebola or some others I can name (can we say Smallpox II (thank you Russia)?) I am open to speculation that this was an intentional trial run test of a weapon to be used on our species, a trial run to see how organized we are and how well we respond to a pandemic. Sadly in spite of all the hype in the 50s, 60s and 70s about how organized and prepared we are for a bio-war, it all turned out to be pure BS. We were not prepared, and even today a year later we still have some countries leaders denying the Virus is real or that it even exists within their borders. If I was the one monitoring this field trial of an attack concept I would be labeling it a complete success as clearly the Earthlings have no defense against a serious bio-weapon attack and we should move on to a more lethal infection as soon as possible. We need to get our act together real fast or we potentially risk extinction.
There needed to be a pre-emptive strike and make damn sure the raw products were made available where they were needed . Of course an amount needed to be retained for US use . Allowing covid to run rampant allows it to mutate , holding back the resourses while covid grows stronger was a bad move . A lot of the politics of covid were targeting Trump as a way to get rid of him . One of our own members said that , in time they may choke on their words . Whole damn world was hung up on that one issue .
One issue thats coming to light in Israel is the vaccine they have used is causing heart inflammation , user trial on active service . Far bigger " lab " trial in a population than could ever be had by a company paid human trials . At least in India vaccines will be proven one way or the other .
At present there are too many factors playing crucial roles regarding the whole situation..

* First Vaccine and other Medical facilities ..
There is chaos during vaccination process.. Though some parts in country , Govt. has Offered free vaccine , but the reality is there is no control over the price.. Also shortage of supply became a big issue..
The same applied for Oxygen and other drugs like Remedisivir and availability of hospital Beds.. (Remember , Not only Kovid creates serious illness , other diseases required hospitalisation too..)

* Second Uncontrolled Gathering of huge number of People during last 1 month..
Due to election process in several parts of the country , nobody cared to follow any restrictions at all..
As well as recent gathering over Kumbh ..

* Third Virus mutation..
It's been reported that even after completion of 2 doses of vaccine , people still got infected.. I am afraid , with time this numbers will increase .. But it's a relief that at least no death reported yet after vaccination ..

* Forth Lockdown is NOT a suitable or effective action anymore for most people of India considering the socioeconomycal impact of the last Lockdown..
Even if Lockdown get imposed , people will die both way..
And most people choose to take their chance with Corona rather than watching their family die from hunger slowly..
The unfortunate but cruel ground reality..

* Last but not the Least..
Politics over Death...
Everyone is just playing blame game to secure their own future instead of working together to secure lives..

I am afraid the world is going to witness the worst impact of pandemic in upcoming days...

And we , most of the citizens , have nothing to do except wait helplessly
Post vaccination death will be the key , death from a reaction be it a week or some years later from the effects of heart inflammation won't matter much so long as those numbers stay low . But death from covid post vaccination because of mutation will mean covid has beaten the vaccine , bad news . We are now all lab rats .
Right now the efficiency rate of the various vaccines in 90%/ This means if 100 vaccinated people are exposed to a Covid rich environment only 10 of them will sicken. That is a lot better than 50 or 80 getting sick.

Fatal side effects are hovering about 1 out of every 100,000 vaccinated. The greatest good for the greatest number. 1 of 100,000 is an acceptable loss rate, far better than 10,000 dead.
One dead to a reaction and its news 5000 dead to covid and its nothing . At least we can sit back in NZ and Aussie at this point while we watch and wait .
Item about India today on the news saying the death rate could be over 20 times whats being reported .
Don't worry guys... I have been overwhelmed by the situation too , earlier ...

But then I remember..

We , Indians , have faced many more hurdles before...
We have been through Plague , Small Pox , Cholera , Malaria , Colonial Invasions , Wars , Communal Riots , Earthquakes , Floods , Tornedos and above all , The Famine (Twice) ....

But we never Surrendered ...

This time will be passed too.. May be in exchange with the huge price of many innocent lives unfortunately ..

But "Deep in my heart.. I do believe .. We shall overcome someday.."

We WILL Overcome...

Thank you all for your kind concern and suggestions... thumbs up

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