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Anyone here feel like chatting ?

It's midnight here and I'm still working..feeling a bit bored and I'm done reading depressing news all over the world. Just wanted some fun nice chat and seek refuge here in the blogland, anyone?moping laugh

where are those silly fun bloggers ...moping

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YES, me-me-me cheering drinking roll eyes wine
Hello Grand,

how are you feeling there ?
hoppla... it's crazy to put it that way... lol

No, lets talk blogs shal we?
you could kill bit of time looking at my Picture Took Thread

go on...anything you like to talk about, I'm all yours tonightuh oh
that was for you Grand

I look at your photo collections from time to time even when I'm offline, they are great photos!

I love natures and those sunset photos of yours.

One of my close friend loves going to safari but I get hundreds of safari photos but I have weakness for sunsets and sunrise.
Thank you. That's all I need. laugh

my favorites are the Peaceful Dam, Black-Faced Cuckoo and the Windy Ridgethumbs up

say something funny, will you...or tell me about your self.
WOW She is...
love love love love love
No ofcourse.... hold your arabs rolling on the floor laughing

Where to start. You didn't understand my comment joke ha'?
"all min - thank you" anyhoo
ut is unusually calm this evening, how long is your shift?

Lemme intruduce myself. My name is actually Morgan but that was 9 years ago.
Now a friend made this useless nick Grand-shi-bossy? dunnu... can you change your name crazy?
Do you like your name?

Hello Happy,

happy to see you here, how are you doing there?
Campo, climb under a rock this one is mine... devil

werent ya busy with Gran?
Im good thanks how ya doing darling?
Not to worry Dude..
I am out of your hair!!!
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

I changed my name a few times here, this is the only one that stayed for a long time so I'm keeping itlaugh

it's 1:12 AM here, I'll close my phone in an hour. been working hard so I'm feeling stressed and need some giggles, I'm glad I found you here tonight

I think Grand is a good sportlaugh
I'm feeling good now, the shittly curfew and weekend lockdown here drives me nuts, no place to go after 6PM , good thing I found you here
shitly lock down sucks anywhere !!!
Whatt, lockdown in amman? 6pm, whatda hekk is that,camp 6 pm, what is that in plain italian?

Why u been so far away from blogs hunny? lately.

U got your vaccine by the way?

totally! well I'm glad we have CS and the blogland here. Can't go out to find a date anymore , I guess online dating is not a bad idea
Soon will change i hope..
A least for what italian govt says we will be a bit more free...

I had my first 3 almost 3 weeks go, waiting for the second , last week of May.

I just noticed they lifted the Friday lockdown that means I can go out this Friday but we still have the 6pm curfew, every establishments have to closed down by 6m and everyone indoors by 7pm.

I'm working remotely , from home, night shift so it doesn't make that much difference to me but I hate to hurry when I'm out buying stuffs because of the curfew. It is what it is but it can be depressing working from home for a year's just too quiet sometimes
must be 1800 ha...

have yo seen this arabs crazy?
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Crazy Arab Drivers
I meant I had my first vaccine shot almost 3 weeks agodoh

yes, I think things will get better let's talk about something elselaugh
Crazy ya lucky ya got the first shot...
I will have to wait till july for the first!!
In the meanwhile i go:
banana banana banana banana
yay yay yay yay
how about what?
laugh laugh laugh
Crazybaby, is your job to talk to patients who is scared? eh, like to give advice what to do when covid?

yeah those are crazy driversrolling on the floor laughing
Don't worry, this topic will soon change to us politics lol rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
THAT is a joke! scold


I thought everyone in Italy has been taken care of, thought about those days when the world was praying for Italy...I'm glad things are now under control there.

just be patient, you'll get your shot. I think you're strong and have good immune system...?
he's an oxe hunn

your type laugh

no politics, every blogger who knows me here would know what kind of blogs I really like, politics and religion are not one of them

besides, I don't think those political bloggers would be interested to join my blogs, they won't fit inlaugh
I can not see them fit in neither, unless given two glasses of light cider rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

I think Happy is physically fit...very fit
So you're not a nurse like the rest?
He's amazing. He can be my donkey anyday! rolling on the floor laughing


careful there...scold laugh

all I'm saying is that political bloggers are not really interested in sexy and flirty blogs, my kind of blogs and I'm totally OK with that since political talks would never turn me on.laugh

no I'm not a nurse. I studied biology and chemistry and now I'm selling chemicals, not bad and I like talking to customers.

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