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Mother Nature - Our Last Hope

We , Humans , Superior of all species on Earth , Empowered with the greatest Intelligence , the super power of Conscience , has been failed miserably ...
We forgot the Golden Rule of Nature..
Because of our so much Arrogance , Ego , Greed and Negligence towards the overall Humanity , We , Humans , have failed ourselves once again ...

Not just this once , we have done such wrong for so many times before , from ancient times .. And we never learnt .. We keep continue repeating the same even till today..
We Did Not Learn Yet..

Mother Nature , we know , We , Humans have been the Worst child of yours , that We Don't deserve any mercy , STILL , We Are Your Children Maa !

No matter how much wrong we have done to You , You have forgiven us so many times before Maa !
Now , Please , Forgive us once more this time Mother..
So much pain , so much tears , so much helplessness , We , Humans can't take it anymore Maa !
Please Forgive us , Help us with your blessing of your Natural Power to Cure ...
Please Save Us , Humans , once more Maa..
For the sake of our innocent kids...

Mother Nature ... You Are Our Last Hope Now Maa ...

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We are not superior. We have evolved to fill a niche, as have all the others.
Like all other species, we are simply an experiment regarding survival.
Many are already extinct and many have been here much longer than us.
Indeed, there are several, who still survive, that have been here much longer than us.
How long we last is not a given, and there will be no forgiving.
Extinction is rather final. We may be the first, dumb enough to take an active role in causing it.
jimbo we are superior planetary(here)wise, "MAMMON" took control as it was issued by all the powers that be and have been since inception of the human race. professor
otherwise known as greed and politics professor
hence the world as it is.
We are not superior in length of survival on the planet.
We are not superior in life-span.
We are not superior in number of individuals.
We are not superior in strength.
We are not superior in senses.
Perhaps the only reason we are judged as being superior in intelligence,
is because it is intelligence, as humans define it.
And lets face it, many humans are NOT intelligent, even as we define it.
jimbo you are missing the point, "SUPERIOR" in demise, sorry I had to spell it out to you. professor
Seeing that we are still here, I think your declaration is more than a bit premature.
Just ask a dodo bird, or a T-Rex. Oh, that's right, you can't since it's extinct. laugh
I appreciate the opinion you guys shared here..
The essence of this Blog is about something else my friends..

It's about relying upon nature to run it's natural course to decrease the power of the deadly Virus and increasing the natural immunity to fight against the Virus , instead of depending on "Questionable" Vaccines ..

Seeing the present situation in India getting worse day by day , I have a hunch , that this situation will be beyond Human control in upcoming days..
In a highly populated country with huge poverty rate and tremendous level of corruption , it's almost impossible to vaccinate all the people while the virus is dangerously mutating into new strains and rapidly spreading the infection...

It's almost 4 million infection per day along with above 3 thousand deaths per day till date..
Yet the vaccine is already out of stock (it means vaccines been sold out in black market) , and almost non affordable to most of the citizens..

So I , unfortunately , could not expect anything from Humans anymore..
But I still want to be positive and I know there is still a hope remains for us , common people..

It's a fact that most people infected , are either don't have any acute symptoms or getting well just naturally..

That means , Mother Nature is still there to help us , protect us .. Mother Nature is our Last Hope in this battle of survival now...
I think it's the other way round.

I think we need to help mother nature to recover from our destructive behaviours, not rely on her to save us after all the mess we have made.

Mother nature would thrive better without us creating imbalances in the ecosystem, so if we want t survive as a species, we need to start acting more intelligently.

We all need to take responsibility for change in any ways we can.
Natures cruelty knows no boundary. I know that living in a sardine can will make anyone hate the general public. But it's the earth that is the real b*tch you've lost sight of that in the swarm. The one advantage of covid is to see the human race less like insects, posterity will be better off for not cheating death so successfully and spitefully.
Hug a leper because the human species is far from the worst thing out there. Enlightenment material are these renaissance building survivors of the plague.
There could be a cultural shift where cheap sweated goods are out and instead the bourgeoisie is opened to cheap competition from abroad via zoom. Globalisation has always been a tale of two cities, the white collar occupy a sort of closed shop and the blue collar were competing against the sort of industrialisation that created covid. We could reverse the tale so that it is the bourgeoisie made to compete for its living.
I agree with Jac here...
It's not Mother Earth that will save us, humans, who should look after Mother Earth!

Have we really up till now?

We're destroying the soil with all our chemicals... polluting the air with gases and destroying the rain forests....killing marine life with dumping plastic and chemicals into the sea.

Wake up people!!!doh
Try to reverse the setup so that diversity and competition are the reality for wealthier communities not so much those working in a shop. You need to put the immigrants into the pure economic community of the rich and same goes for imports. Open up competition to the so-called educated and ringfence the salt of the earth.
I agree with your point there..
As I have mentioned in the blog earlier ,

We forgot the Golden Rule of Nature..
Tanzila, let me try tor bring some small dose of comfort to your worried mind.
It's mostly up to you yourself to avoid being infected. Are you a front line worker?
There was a guy working at a hospital who said: "I found out how to avoid it, just don't touch your face."
The clear majority who catch it get mild sympt, and are afterwords almost like vaccinated.
Eat vit D overdose and vit C, plus zinc.
Use gloves, hold your breath now and then when passing crowds.
I think YOU will be fine cos you are aware and careful!
Inform others to take it seriously.

It sure would help alot if there where less humans on the planet...

It sure would help even more if capitalism and corrupted poiticians were actually dead!

Its sure would help if all presumed more intelligent spicese call theme selves humans would follow the rules which are there for specific reasons rather than protest because some humans don't like these rules...

well the mess on the planet its actually our own fault,wait let me be specific,fault of capitalists and corrupted politcians that bend the rules for capitalists convenience..
Useless hide behind one finger the facts are there,Most choose to Ignore Facts!!..

So the superior spices its actually doing the most wrong thing,for profits destroy the planet...
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Based on sheer Tonnage - Humans are the Most Superior land critter.
Among ALL species, Humans are out weighed Only by Antarctic Krill ... peace

@ miclee

Humans will be the doom of our superiors spices....
Are we really that superior?
Well based on what a mess we turned the planed i guess we are even worse that chickens...
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
HUMANS: A species Clever enough to destroy a plant, Crazy enough to Do It, AND ...
Actively engage in bizarrely misguided SAVE THE PLANET! Schemes to Do It As Quickly as HUMANLY Possible ...

Thank You All guys and gals , for your kind concern and thoughtful responses .. wave

It's just came in the news..
Another Lockdown been imposed on allover the State of West Bengal including my city Kolkata for uncertain period of time..
It will start from tomorow..

You all be careful and stay safe.. thumbs up
Mmmkay - Here's How we SAVE THE PLANET!

McPherson's Paradox teaches that Reducing greenhouse gases by curtailing Industrial Civilization could bring on Universal Extinction in as little as Six Weeks ... moping

Humans are responsible for 3% of the CO2 that's annually put into the atmosphere.
Here comes the Good Part, y'all! grin
Develop a method to reduce NATURALLY Occurring greenhouse gases so Humans can Continue Industrial Civilization pumping out the Protective Aerosol Masking Effect WHILE Reducing Greenhouse Gases ... VOILÀ!! - Planet SAVED!! ... happy place

PM me for contact info to be included when nominating me for my Nobel Prize batting

Well until people keep going around this thing will never end...
Good luck and be careful.
Vaccines will help to a certain point the rest is upon humans ,if we actully follow rules it would be over already...
very mad very mad very mad very mad
Tanz, lockdown do work. Expect the young folks to take it lightly and that is a problem, but in general it makes everything slow down and people to feel more safe. It's boring though, like sunday every day ish.. sloow and all but it helps to reduce cases and thereby gain control.
Keep us updated.

thumbs up
Want to add a few updates here about the current situation in India and specially in our state WestBengal..

The Corona situation remain almost the same all over the country..

Though our govt. has announced vaccine for all the people above age of 18 , but due to shortage of vaccines , the vaccination process for people bellow age of 45 , has been postponed for uncertain period...

And there is Political and Judiciary debates going on about the price rate and distribution policy of vaccination all over the country..
But no solution yet unfortunately..

Meanwhile in our state WestBengal , the 1 and half month long election process is finally over.. Results been out..
The former govt. has resigned.. New govt. will take it's oath today..

But the disturbing thing about this is , serious political violence has started here in WestBengal after the results came out.. The winning party and defeated party workers are now killing each other...

I just can not understand , how Humans can act so stupid !!!

I mean what is the benefit of having the most superior BRAIN with all those Critical , Logical and Analytical power , as a Human , if at the end of the day you just act like a BRAINDEAD MANIAC and start to Kill each other for no good reason during a Pandemic !!!

I mean what !!!!
Is Corona not enough to kill all the Humans that they simply started to killing each other for just Political Vengeance !!!!

Seriously !!!!!
I really DO NOT EXPECT anything more from this Human kind anymore..

I guess I was right , that , Mother Nature is our Last Hope indeed...
Thanks for the update Tanz.

I suppose there would be less aggro if folks felt they all not corrupt.

By mistake I press caps.lock but this time I'll let it stay as it kind-of fit.. what say you Tanz?

@ Tanzila
As far as serious archeologists tells and of course modern science help out..

Humans have been been killing each other for millennia.
Not sure exactly if in the US or near the US Canada border has been found a battle filed if i remember correctly old like 12.000 years which means 10.000 BC.
We humans call ourselves superiors but hey here is the news we aren't,we are as primitive as our ancestors,with the slight capability of building things probably a bit better maybe...

mother nature run its course and we can't do anything about!!
we can only make things worse faster than mother nature time table..

cheers cheers cheers cheers

yep pretty much todays humans are quiet arrogant species...
cheers cheers cheers

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