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Joke of the night

It was in the news that a woman in a heated French kiss,
bit off the tip of her lover's tongue.
The man stated, that he was extremely happy.....that he only got to 'first base' with her.

Comments (6)

I wouldn't trust that lady to nibble on my ear! laugh
Where is she from?
Luke, he's dreaming again...
i'll say what nobody else does...this poster is the joke of the century
"i'll say what nobody else does..."

Good point. Then I'll say you've been stalking Jim's blogs beyond obsession.
It's not a good thing, nor it is funny.
Realizing you've got nothing to lose here, if you get bounced you will reincarnate yourself and do it all over again.

I liked you better with your Palmfrond profile as you were less unhinged with that one.
Her obsession is clear to see, for those who pay attention. It is sad.

It seems that profile account is ALSO still active. I saw it on here yesterday and the online light was on. I've never needed a 2nd account on here. But then, I don't aggressively obsessively harass other bloggers. So, I wouldn't need a 2nd account.
Good point. laugh

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