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New place, new people, new beginnings

It's official! I have moved out from my old place into my new room, in a very small apartment. The move took around 40 minutes, all included. That's 40 minutes from pickup to delivery, because we could fit everything in a trailer. My sister's boyfriend helped, and he borrowed his fathers SUV, which meant we could bring everything on the first go, and not do multiple trips.

So now I am unpacking. I am almost finished. All I need to unpack is my clothes, and then I need to find a suitable place for the moving boxes. I am thinking under my bed, since it's tall enough to make them all fit.

I am looking forward to exploring this new city I have moved to. So many places to find, plus I look forward to my mental health being just a little bit better, now that I don't have to walk on eggshells all the time! It's gonna be awesome!

Next up is to schedule a weekly dinner appointment with K. I asked her if she was game for that, which she was. So now we just need to find a day of the week, and when the first dinner appointment (not a dinner date) will be. I am thinking Wednesday, since it's in the middle of the week. It could also be Saturday, which could no doubt involve a movie afterwards.

All I know is this: It's gonna be the BEST. THING. EVER!!!

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I didn't read all your previous blogs, only some of them,
but you got a date with a girl named K you say?
Good luck with the new place and the friendship renewal.
Congratulations on your new home and lifestyle. yay
Grand: No, it’s not a date. We’re friends hanging out
Jim and Jac: Thank you banana
Thanks sounds great Phil.

Since you and K are friends, and if it turns into something more, it will be a beautiful thing.

Keep your chin up. thumbs up
Fonda: I will keep my options open for that, but baby steps :)

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