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So China Vietnam India suffered from invasions for 100+ years

and now China suddenly is aggressive and America is the world sheriff? Doesn't sit easily with me, but then I am a leftie ... who can defend the other side?

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interesting if you are willing to see another side of history
I can try lol. But what are you saying here, lemmesee... you see Fargo, the hardest part for us engl-non speakers is to understand slang and shortcuts. U say china is not being aggressive, just being called aggressive? Did I catch you right?
I have something to say about the world police thou, but first my confusion if you may.
No one informed this morning that you stopped looking for Vierk..does this mean you found him.

The blog topic is a confusing disguise as info, not an assumption,upon which you want to debate.dunno
Suddenly,sit easily, debate...all red herrings.
Who can, leftie, Sheriff.doh
Have fun boys.wave
what a hot pot of responses! rubbish! speak some sense
Profile Deleted
@red what on earth did you say ... now whatever it was, it was indeed a rant
and @rose rubbish - garbage
@rose what confuses you? USA says China is aggressive but America Invaded China? China never invaded USA?
laugh I pulled the words I found in the introduction to be rather broad and dramatic.
You could do well as a tabloid writer.
I read english, so I concur about this being
rubbish-garbage, or just plain trash talking.

wave Siozzle
@grand no I didn't say say China is non-aggressive, but they are careful about concealing any aggression
@grand not sure what to say - a genuine topic! usa uk BELIEVE their invasions were beneficient.
I am scared of Chinese aggression but every case must be met with rational behaviour from the world.

About he imperialistic tendencies of the USA I used to think it was needed with a world police. Then something happened and I stopped believing the narrative. Call me a Tulsi Gabbard fan on the issue.
I am also is fully aware that it is not the American people who actually want any wars. The opposite.

That's about all I have to say on the issue.
I care about you nomather your political beliefs Fargo, you are a gentleman.

Me out. drinking
Since you don't know WHAT to say.
Might I ask,since certain Americans have gone missing that you take offense to, did you get them
all banned.

Within a week's time. That's a pretty aggressive, antagonistic, bombastic coincidence.
"I am also is fully aware that it is not the American people who actually want any wars. The opposite."

Me too, Hasta la Vista baby.
isn't "AboveTopSecret" that Conspiracy-Theory-Site?confused
rolling on the floor laughing depends who gets to incite from it Conrad.
Seems you are always left and never right, rolling on the floor laughing
and @bent, so bent, lee - can you ever get anything straight?. Of course I left out the Philippines and Granada didn't I?
When did the usa ever invade china?
I'm more concerned about the Covid crisis in India
YouTube suggested this.

I tried to find your music blog but it was about Cuba.dunno
^^^^^ those women don’t look like they are from the usa.
Mr Fargo I'm confused..We just spent millions on upgrading our military because of China's threat to us..America are one of our many allies..So I'm confused why you feel this way about America in this situation
He's a leftie, he's even more confused.
Pat you know who I vote for..What am I classified as?
They are too big to be women in the USA
I can't recall your voting preference, but basically the conservative side is liberal party- the right, labor and their union stooges- the left. Then there's the greens- the loony left.
I'm a lefty roll eyes

Go Labour giggle
Labor are better at pleasing people by running up debt, Liberals are better at managing money but often using unpopular tactics... Most welfare recipients will vote labor, same as public service/teachers etc. because first thing labor will do is employ thousands of extra public servants to twiddle their thumbs. Liberals do have a culture problem of the old boys club and religious nutters etc...

But basically, on the big ticket issues there is very little difference these days. Everyone can promise the moon in opposition, then when they get voted in say- they really cooked the books, we'd like to change things but we can't.
My situation is much like my footy team..Family were Labor so I more or less followed suit so to speak..One thing about me is I can't stand Gladys I think she lines her pockets sneakily..I will give her credit for how she's looked after us Covid wise..Except stop allowing overseas travelers in
And this another example of the weakness of the bi party preferential voting system and compulsory voting. You're not voting for the best candidate but the least shitty. And more or less a tick and flick, who did my parents vote for kind of thing. Gladys may have her shortfalls, I'd swap for for Anastacia any day.
I can't argue with that Pat..Anastacia was very cruel to us here in N.S.W....One or two cases here she shuts the border..I was lucky to get my money back for holidays I booked in Qld..Many of my friends only received half back..Gladys tried to work with Anastacia..You know what Anastacia did>..She sent a bloody text gloating about state of origin..I have all these ads on my tele trying to coax me and everyone else here to holiday in Qld..Why would we risk all again?
Also I cringe to think what would of happened to me being stuck in Qld..I would of ended up on the street..Bloody hotels in Qld took advantage of us stuck there
@galrads half of Europe invaded China during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Hence the opium wars when England forced opium-trade right up till the 1920s. Look at some famous movies like the Sand Pebbles or 55 days in Peking

Europe Russia USA and Japan all invaded China, like sharks attacking a whale.
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@Merc LABOUR I don't use American English - you were right the first time. But I don't want to labour the point. With Canadian students I refrain from mentioning Amglish. As for Berejiklian, I find her quite acceptable.
argoFanOP•4 mins ago•sydney, New South Wales Australia

@Merc LABOUR I don't use American English - you were right the first time. But I don't want to labour the point. With Canadian students I refrain from mentioning Amglish. As for Berejiklian, I find her quite acceptable.

You will have to excuse my spelling with many things..I was affiliated with an American site for a decade..I was surrounded by conversations with Americans..So yeah for example I have a habit of saying things like napkin instead of serviette and so on..It's not that I'm dumb..It would be much like me living in the states picking up on the accent..I did rectify my mistake

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