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So China Vietnam India suffered from invasions for 100+ years

and now China suddenly is aggressive and America is the world sheriff? Doesn't sit easily with me, but then I am a leftie ... who can defend the other side?

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China has always seen the world from the long view. It still wants to spread communism all over the world.
Apparently the Op has forgotten about Pol Pot and China's backing the Khmer Rouge.
Now this innocent and pure predatory nation is trying to gain control of the South China Sea and seize ports and trade routes over the world by predatory lending.
Poor China!
your link to the Boxer Rebellion is utter bunk.
@raph bunk? How's that? Never happened? Factually incorrect?
After 500 years of Powers (European / Commie Russia) trying to colonize Africa, the ChiComs have come up with How To DO It -
@ 1:25 - Put Africa in Debt ...
... and then set African child / slave labor to plundering the Continent's Resources in order to Settle the debt.
See @ 0:50 ...
It's Wickedly Ingenious, if one Thinks 'bout it ... devil

Murkuns are fed Bullshit by ChiCom Owned Affable Ol' Beijing Joe ...
very mad blah blah

When China Rules The World - See beginning @ 23:30 ...
I am sure the US will do a much better job than the convicts of Australia ever did. :)
The Boxer rebellion occurred because the Chinese got worried about Britain & America flooding China with Opium. Britain and America to Opium from what's now known as Afghanistan & India to China in an attempt to get the whole country (China) hooked on Opium. The Chinese rebelled and beat the shit out of Britain & America, but conceded a lease of the Hong Kong territory for 99 years.
"By the Convention of 1898, the New Territories together with 235 islands were leased to Britain for 99 years from July 1, 1898. With this expansion of territory, Hong Kong's population leaped to 120,000 in 1861 and to more than 300,000 by the end of the century."! (google) but you need to know America was up to its neck in that stupidity.
Had nothing what so ever to do with the Leninist dirty back stabbing rat Mao Zedong, bit like your Biden actually doh
very mad

"The chances of war between China & Taiwan have increased from 0.5% to 25% shock
and it's doubtful the U.S. can rescue Taiwan" ...

The Possibility of PRC war on Taiwan & between China & Australia ...

Iran and China sign 25-year cooperation agreement. In addition to massive infrastructure investments, the agreement envisions closer cooperation on defense and intelligence sharing.
Singapore, China sign defence agreement to scale up army, navy exercises, establish regular dialogue
Agreement between Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and China on Confidence Building in the Military Field in the Border Area.
China is the only country with which Bangladesh signed a defense agreement. China is the biggest arms supplier to Bangladesh.
China has signed an agreement with Cambodia granting its military exclusive use of part of the Ream naval base near Sihanoukville
China supported North Korea during the Korean War (1950–1953). And in 1961, the Chinese and North Korean governments signed the Sino-North Korean Mutual Aid and Cooperation Friendship Treaty. The treaty formalised their relationship and remains in effect today.
Vietnam signed the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation with Laos in 1977
Pakistan Army said. China has deepened defence ties with Pakistan over the years.
Dec 2020 Islamabad: Pakistan and China have signed a new defence accord to further deepen military cooperation
2010, the fourth China-South Africa defence committee meeting in. November expanded security cooperation
Russia has also been a key long-term defence partner for Vietnam, both ... The two nations signed a defence cooperation agreement
Presidents of Russia and Indonesia signed an agreement on cooperation in the defense sector at a meeting in the Russian Black Sea
Indonesian President Joko ?Jokowi? Widodo said that his working visit to Russia aims to enhance strategic cooperation with Russia on economic, investment, and defense sectors.
In recent years, Russia has also sought to build military technical cooperation with Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and Myanmar

U.K. navy returns to Indo-Pacific amid concerns over assertive China

Experts believe this is more than "window dressing" and a genuine effort to support allies in the region and enforce freedom of navigation and promote democracy.!!!!

In late May, the recently built aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth will leave Portsmouth and, after exercises in the Mediterranean Sea and Indian Ocean, will head a flotilla of mainly British ships, known collectively as the Carrier Strike Group, through the South China Sea, a strategically important waterway largely claimed by China but disputed by smaller regional nations......

A US defense report estimates China has the world's largest naval fleet and is churning out new ships faster than ever. The US continues to have a technological edge, but China is becoming more capable close to home.

Updated: 21 Feb 2021

Last week, France deployed a nuclear attack submarine in the South China Sea, in line with US President Joe Biden's call to mount a multilateral challenge to China.

Other European powers such as the United Kingdom and Germany are also expected to deploy warships to the area in what increasingly looks like a concerted Western pushback against China's maritime ambitions.

Russian Navy Pacific Fleet conducts live firing exercise including six warships

Russia Conducts First Pacific Long-Range Cruise Missile Test
The Pacific Fleet’s statement follows concerns voiced by U.S. defense officials that the Kalibr, which will for the first time allow Russian warships to conduct long-range strikes against land targets, would offset U.S. advantages in the Pacific region.
April 6, 2021:
“Today, the Pacific Fleet frigate Marshal Shaposhnikov for the first time launched the Kalibr cruise missile on a ground target from the waters of the Sea of Japan,” the Russian military said.

Russia to Deploy Submarine Armed With Nuclear Drone in Pacific
@rob Incidentally Britain is also 'deploying' in the Black Sea this month
There's a Whole LOTTA Saber Rattlin' goin' on ...
The eyes of an anxious World look to the Leader Of The Western World ...
@ 0:35 - Harmless Ol' POTaTUS receives direction from VEEP / Caregiver Kamaleon.

This thread was about the invasion of Asia by England Europe and America, Russia too of course. There is little history of China Vietnam or India, or South east asia invading elsewhere, although Indonesia could be a questionmark. Japan took a leaf out of Europe's book after all, did it not?
yes Faragofan
"@rob Incidentally Britain is also 'deploying' in the Black Sea this month"!

I know Putin has already fired a ship to ship missile across there bows, fired another one in the sea of japan too

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