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Not everyone has the same opinion / outlook / personality / desires in not only dating... but everything in life.

I believe I first heard/saw the acronym YMMV in some forum posts. It started from car commercials/advertisements regarding vehicle mileage claims... Claims that users cannot (normally) achieve. Your mileage may vary. Yeah... it will vary as those tests are done under perfect conditions.

Around the city, my car does around 25 miles per gallon. Late at night when driving along a long stretch of State Road 7 (US441) and holding below the speed limit I can get more than 41 miles per gallon. Big difference than 9am when the road is congested.

With regard to dating sites, YMMV. Some people join them and find that selection of country, height, hair color, religion, smoking, personality, education, economic background doesn't really get them what they are looking for!

More than a decade ago people who were frustrated not finding what they were looking for turned to Facebook for the social interaction. Online dating wasn't working for them and they were able to make friendship connection on social media.

Dating sites... YMMV !

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There's also some truth in the statement, that you get out of life, what you put into it.
If you are a negative person, who goes around trolling, intentionally creating havok and enjoying insulting people, well guess what type of person is going to be the only type of person you are going to attract...... and that person deserves what they get. I certainly want no part of that type of person.
Mostly, they are just a childish waste of time. Good people, however, can be an ongoing cherished mutualistic experience. head banger
Auto Mcblogment..) Addenda

In former daze over at the burn Ward
And posted in the Forum, I told the coeds of 2012 that I do not pay for my gasoline* and typically average 60mpg in a 74 VW super beetle.
Currently getting 45-50 mpg in a 96 COROLLA.
No fancy work physics...coasting & turning ignition OFF at select intersections.

* Recycling at Chevron gas stations reduced my per gallon cost to about .10¢ ..2010-2013.
Recycling means taking beer cans off said property left behind by customers & construction workers who would oft frequent the neighborhood.
I had a 1972 Honda, 2 cylinder air cooled motor, no air conditioner. Gas was around 19 cents a gallon and I logged miles in a book. Can't remember exactly what I was getting, but it was pretty high.
I keep threatening to write more automotive blogs...but as you are witness- my most popular Mcblogment was the ' ..nothing to say blog...laugh

Anyhoo, here is auto Tip number 1 ( and the first of 3 ..) in the hunt for plus 50 mpg in town, stop n go driving...and this is direct from Toyota racing..
And the dept.of thing better than a low-resistance spark plug....and that is a NGK customized NO resistance plug. Back in 07 there was a jobber/ machinist out of Minnesota who would put a tiny drill-pressed hole in the bar directly over the Action of the electrode...and for 7 years I never had to change those plugs. He pre gapped them at .30 ...along with tip 2..) if I wanted to amplify his work & get the most out of my gasoline supply, I would have to add a catalyst to the gasoline.
He recommended berryman chemtool per label directions or 100% beauty grade Acetone at 3oz. Per 10 gallons. Tip 3 is exotic & just what you might NOT expect from a bored certified Astrophysicist..
..saving it for later...wave
Suffice to say, in a VW air cooled engine w/ custom Spaghetti header exhaust- the acceleration difference upon those 2 adjustments is instant & very obvious.

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