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Moving is exhausting!

I know I have been going on and on and on and on about my move, but this is the last blog about this subject, I promise!

After we got done moving my stuff, my sister and I went to McDonald's, as you do. Her boyfriend went back to deliver the trailer and he would meet us there, once he was done with dropping off the trailer. The McDonald's here is the one I used to work in a few years ago, but they all remembered me. I don't know if it's bad or good, but I did get a good talk with them.

After we got the food, we sat down outside to eat. Luckily it was a gorgeous sunny day, so it was fab! Once here boyfriend arrived, we talked for a few minutes and went our separate ways. I then headed home to unpack, assemble furniture and set up my tv, soundbar and PS4, and connect the PS4 to the internet. Once that was done, I assembled my one furniture I took with me: my Ikea shelving unit. Then came the REALLY tedious task: Unpacking every box I took with me. Oh boy I have way too much stuff, but somehow I managed to fit it all on the shelving unit.. Well, when I say all of it, my films, games and two consoles doesn't fit, but I put them into drawers, so I freed up some space there. All my clothes fit in the clothing cabinet that came with the room, and the bed provided is excellent! I need to get used to sleeping in it, but it's miles better than by old bed, which was a bit too old anyway. I think it was 15 years old, or something along those lines. Absolutely insane that I haven't changed the bed at all! The next time I move, I am buying a cheap bed to begin with, and then upgrading it when I feel like it's time to do that.

I also moved the address to here, paid my new housemate his money and generally had a very busy day, which I felt a few hours later. As I was watching The Matrix Reloaded, the tiredness overwhelmed me, to the point where I almost fell asleep during one of the action scenes. That's not like me, so I was thrilled when the movie ended about 30 minutes later. Then it was straight to the bathroom to brush my teeth and to bed.

Today, I felt that in my body. My feet ached, but that's fine! It makes me happy, since I know I have done something that will benefit me in the long run. If I can leave you with anything, it's this:

Never - EVER - move in with someone you know beforehand!

Comments (3)

I would state the opposite - Never move in with someone UNLESS you know them very well beforehand and they are of the opposite sex, and even then, maintain a separate residence to escape to. laugh
Good English once again....
Matrix reloaded..!?!....per Adventure one day a dawning will take place for you & select regulars here
...In my world, which is generally 60 to 100 daze ahead of the curve, another person [ not on CS
Discovered what I have been noting for a full decade..
Namely, that Hollywood films rarely turn a profit of any kind, and their themes $uggest higher oversight by a govt. Agency. Zombies, for example. At least 664 of that genre in the English / Hollywood production since 1934.
Zombies also the feature topic in pop World's most celebrated Album / video-- THRILLER / Jackson.
In that case-- also the most profitable.
Food for mCthought...
Very motherly advice I know, but if the bed has been provided maybe wait to use it. And purchase a mattress protector cover. Sounds great.thumbs up

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