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I Know what you did last summer....and autumn.....and winter


Well, I hope you are at least washing your hands afterwards.
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NO Jim, but apparently we all know what YOU did. laugh Some of us that leave the house on occasion had, and still have contact with real people face to face. But being nearly blind, not to mention the hairy palms from all your solo action I can see why you stay in the basement. laugh
Actually, I had a softball game this morning and an ex-gf last night.
So, once again, you unwittingly reveal a projection clearly about yourself.
However, why you choose the basement for your 'activity' is still a mystery. dunno
Perhaps in one sense of the word (i.e. pun) it makes your 'activity' rolling on the floor laughing
Wow Jim, I remember the coach telling us, none of that activity before the game, you animal you! Is this the same ex as last week or is this a different one? Where do you find the time?rolling on the floor laughing
Are you trying to evade the questions regarding your basement 'activity' ?
That's..... cold ! rolling on the floor laughing
Jim, there are virtually no basements in California. So there ya go. I don't have one, nor do I know anyone that has one. If you got out of yours more often you would know that.laugh
Well, this blog is about what YOU did during the pandemic.
Stay on topic (as you clearly were doing).

Lots of California homes have basements, and even wine cellars. So, try a different excuse.
All your s*xual blogs tend to be your life experiences, or your fantasies more likely, so in my defense why would I think this one would be any different?
Well, lets be honest. He does not want to call his home location a basement. laugh

For the record, the pandemic has not changed my dating at all.
The truth likely is, that you live in your mother's basement.
THAT is why you inadvertantly project that about yourself.
Nowhere in this blog were basements or anything even slightly associated with basements were previously mentioned.
YOU are associated with a basement. Say hi to mom for us. wave
Lol.. See Jim, at least T bag is honest about his dating or lack of.
Well, thinking is not your forte'. The blog was a quoted article. Not anyone's fantasy.
Unlike my other commenter, who attempts projection instead. scold
You always fall back on the "projection" when you got nothing witty to say. laugh So predictable!
I can't help it, that there is a lot of projection on here. It's not uncommon, and it is obvious.
You can help it, by stop doing it. scold
Yeah Jim, I'd suggest you get a mirror in your "basement." It's everyone else! You truly are unable to see the reflection of the real you. doh
The Lady does't protest too much, meethinks. roll eyes

Stop trying to Knock down Jim. The only person you could fool lives in Dublin. rolling on the floor laughing
T, you're starting to sound like his mother. He's a big boy now. He can respond without your help I'm sure.
And there I thought you would be impressed that I used the correct quotation from Macbeth. blues
T- bag... How are those Macbeth quotes doing for ya as far as getting a date?
About as well as quoting anything else. rolling on the floor laughing

Here's a tip dude. When someone makes a joke about something, it usually is not a thing he sees as a big wound for you to hit, and aiming for it is not very creative.

Now, screaming that you are not living in a basement, on the other hand...
Thought so laugh maybe it's the extreme closeup also. I'll take your " tip" along with a buck - fifty to buy a cup of coffee.. thanks!
Once again, more projection about yourself. You NEVER learn.
Apparently, you can't help it. comfort
Jim where did you disappear to? Don't answer that. So do you count the amount of times from midnight or when you wake up?laugh
Actually, the only one he is fooling is himself, which is ironic, since he is a fool. laugh
Jim, getting pretty late in NJ. The time difference is definitely at my advantage here. Keep going laugh
Yeah, it's clear, that you are losing now, and your only hope in a battle of wits, is when the other person is sleeping. Good plan.

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