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Is not to be remembered for the things you did not,
but for things, you did.
Not for what you took,
but for all, you once did give.
For the strength you gave, to those of no will...
your patience, guidance, kindness,
never a second thought
with never a reward, a thank you..sought.

The purpose of life...
is to leave behind memorable hugs
if you are remembered for how good it felt to hug you
even when gone, you'll be forever cuddled.
"note to self" for sure,
hug loved ones more.


If there is joy because I lived
if smiles breaks through where tears dwell
if my name is remembered fondly as I do the name Mary,
then I too, have served my purpose well.

Know your role, play it well ...
so others too, can pass on, the true meaning of life... angel

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Does this mean that I can finally fly to Galway to give you a hug when c19 ebbes out Itchy?

Jippi beer
And what Ozzie does YOUR comment mean confused

you are loved by me flirty

Or perhaps, I am loved by you batting


I'm not into poetry. What it means is:
A real live hug is worth more than 10 emoticons (up on the roof).

But for now this emot ..all I got to offer for now... hug
This damn covvvid mumbling

Hi Itchy,

I hope all is well with you and your family therebouquet
Sometimes it's difficult to leave a pure legacy. Hopefully most of the tasks I have chosen in my life was taken on with the downtrodden in my mind. For their benefit first and monetary gain second.

wave itchy:
And I Ozzie am not into being up on the roof ..
what ever that means confused dunno roll eyes

Unlike you I can't blame the blasted covid
but my fear of heights instead uh oh laugh

Anyways, from me to you hug

How do Crazy wave
it is just a scribble I put together, that's all....
but just so you know, I am grand, hope you and yours are as well bouquet
Glad to know you're doing great there!
doing good over here and busy so I'm very thankful.

"you know your role, play it well" I think I did fine, I'm still trying to do bettersigh
Each to their own Luke how and why they wish to be remembered wine
but if I am the queen in the hearts where I should be, then I couldn't of done anything more.

some folks hug many others and some folks are reserved about hugging...
Warmth and energy comes from hugging...human to human contact is natural
If the person you are intimate with smiles...without can warm your heart
Being grand and great are not the same thing Crazy..
but no matter lol hug

Do you know every daily attempt of trying for better, is not a day wasted or failed...
unless of course your attempts are on those who couldn't give a shit about you.

Remember that if you don't want to be remembered as being a waster roll eyes

Sleepy here, so G'night from me to you Craze wave


Thank you for sharing Rose. ...some great advice and perspective. thumbs up wave
wave lee
have to admit I'm a bit of a reserved one myself, now having said that these days you might say, I'm a hugger in practice which beats an a** or a crotch one roll eyes

cheers Johny hug
Hello M, good to see all is well that side of the pond. Very cool write you put together my friend. Truth be told, truth be said truth be lived. hug
Thank you Bentlee hug

and this side of the pond, our hairdressers open next week cheering
lordy me but I'm looking a right hairy scary witch these days ... and that too is truth being told giggle lol

Hope you are keeping good wave
You could be total shaggy and still wear it well. smitten lol

All's good here, it's odd to have so many electrical emergencies since lockdown every week im out on new electrical jobs. It's shocking rolling on the floor laughing hug
Aw shucks Bentlee you're so sweet blushing lips

Enjoying your humor laugh

but steady on with the work load otherwise you may end up with even scarier hair than mine uh oh

Which role playing did you have in mind ? wink

or is that .....Witch role playing... laugh
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