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Mind Blowing Magic Trick

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Thanks for the share..I LOVE this stuff!!applause
I wonder if he ever was on the Penn and Teller show and fooled them.
[ .....................]*

That was very good!!thumbs up
Anyone have a theory, better yet how about the way that just happened, way beyond (the theory of relativity) rolling on the floor laughing
The bill he took out of the envelop was not from the audience. He placed this one in before the show.

And we did not see how he put the 'correct' number onto the calculator.
@ bent !
Exactly....the logistics of how this $tunt was performed- has A simple & counter intuitive explanation....) And we will probably never figure it out..- obviously the performer knew the result beforehand.
@ g s..) thats good shooting $0ldier.

Get a calculator & Do this ...

57,703 people watched a football game And paid
$15 per ticket ...

57,703 + 15 = ???
Turn the calculator upside down to find out Who Won The Game ... grin


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