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Halleys gonna be sending some debris our way in the night and day sky.

She won't be comin round again til 2061, many of us gonna be ten toes up by then, rolling on the floor laughing transport

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during the next week to 10 days...................
Oh thanks, what night is best?
The one with the least clouds ay'..

I saw the first one,that was good enough for me! daisy
Grand, beyond that either a trusted jet suit or a trampoline on steroids rolling on the floor laughing
Oh Rose ur still a young one with lots to go yet, hug
blushing You have never read my profile.

rolling on the floor laughing I am two years older than you and will be
ten toes up as well.
I worry more about Elons ? spacelink coming down prematurely...laugh that sounds so wrong.

Siozzle,please no nighttime trampolining unless you wear glow in the dark swim shorts.
rolling on the floor laughing
Oh Rose of course I've peeked when you weren't looking lol. Ur still a young one, hug
I guess if it Musk it will, space-X is it over-rated or X-rated rolling on the floor laughing laugh
If it Musk ...laugh good pun!
Perhaps by this September civilian space travel, Elon style, wanna bump some stars with me P rolling on the floor laughing
Halley's comet...

Just 1 of 44, 333, 657, 999 great reasons / logic
Loudly declaring a YOUNG Earth / system.

Extra credit hint from the bored certified Astrophysicist...

Take a scientiferous wild guess as TO HOW ENORMOUS THE COMET WOULD HAVE TO BE
..( Per law 2.} Entropy-

A.} .it's blowing in the Wind.- Prof. Dylan

McBob, bcA. see, the object sheds MASS each & every second...tick, tick, tick...of each & every minute...
mass is the best dietary substance ever. It's never proven wrong to never be there, !smitten
eYe hereby bestow on thy person
..bored Certification....professor

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