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I'm off out the door , back later to cull the commy grubs comments
We can have a discussion later about His topics. Maybe have a daily morning dump of his thoughts. At least we now have our leader back. He would want us to share his views with other folks.. head banger
He better be thinking about the dirty three . Mitt got booed and nearly censured , these are not just GOP voters but party members , voters will have their say at a later date .

Let's hope that the platforms Trump is suspended from not only make it permanent, but they block his communications from being re-posted on their sites.

Without being able to interact, most Trump supporters will likely get bored of just reading/watching. Trump relies on causing an adrenal response to garner attention and support.
Good to see you like freedom of speech Jac , I to hope they make it permanent but I bet you for very different reasons from yours
With freedom of speech comes responsiblity.

To say Trump used his freedom of speech irresponsibly doesn't really acknowledge that on a neurolgic level, he's likely not capable of responsible behaviour.

I fear neither of us will live long enough for the extent of his dangerousness to be exposed. Likewise, the shame of supporting him.
Jac really needs to come down from that "Ivory-Tower" which actually is just a Tree-House!laugh
Her Collectivist Platitudes just don't cut it!
Trumps the first US President in many decades who hasn't started a war...and he is liked by many folks in the US because he kept quite few employed.
Pity so many folks on here suffer lost listen i thinkcomfort
Sounds good Trump has my undivided attention. Wait for the afternoon drop, laugh
thumbs up

The biggest show of elitism in Washington, D.C.

Capitol police guarding them..while pushing to defund police..

You can’t make up this kind of hypocrisy...
Cool. A step in the right direction.
Hope the platform will grow so it's more than just Donald's voice to be heard there. thumbs up
I believe in freedom of speech EVEN if the speech i do not agree with.

By the way if someone told me to put my hand in the fire I WOULD NOT laugh
In a speech i meant roll eyes laugh laugh
The thing with "freedom of speech" is when freedom of speech becomes hate speech, such as someone saying X race of people should be sent to concertation camps and killed, with people people supporting this idea saying this is freedom of speech to say this and other people against this idea saying this is hate speech so should be banned.
Your naïvety of the nature of the man is almost charming, here.
"saying X race of people should be sent to concentration camps and killed"

who say that? confused
Gripper. And I think yours is a tad less charming.

It would take me about 8.5 pages to tell you how I could support the man, and you would then reply back with similar cargo of ammunition.

It's a waste of ammo both ways. So let's leave it with that.

But I want you to know I love you as a person.
Well, hopefully when the penny finally drops that Trump has no intention of ever sharing his spotlight, the platform, and the man, will lose their charms as well.
You never learnt much from your father and his generation what they had to do Jac .
What Facebook, Twitter, and Google have done is a total disgrace and an embarrassment to our Country. Free Speech has been taken away from the President of the United States because the Radical Left Lunatics are afraid of the truth, but the truth will come out anyway, bigger and stronger than ever before. The People of our Country will not stand for it! These corrupt social media companies must pay a political price, and must never again be allowed to destroy and decimate our Electoral Process.

there is a political usefulness in Trump never being allowed back on those platforms .
hey! this is a test
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing crypt thumbs up
Its up and running , no forums to reply . That will be ok as Trump lost a case against a troll on twitter that would have been banned if the troll had been trolling a commy in the same way . Let the trolls do their stuff on the commy platforms
On the contrary.

My first lesson in feminism came from him.
You miss the lesson on freedom of speech ? its the one you would have had to pay attention to what he and others did rather than their words .
Well i am sure if someone in a speech told me to smash a shop wow or punch someone boxing i just would not I just know Trump was very respectable to our queen they even (fist punched) each other.

I saw more folk in work over the seas and other things to , but you will always find a mob who want a excuse for a punch up then it escalates.doh JMO teddybear
My dad was an accountant. There were few words, just very accurate number crunching. He was good at it, but didn't much like the system with it's inequalities and greed. And shirts and ties. He hated them.

If you're referring to the war, it was my Dziadek who was bumped off by the Nazis for his resistance.

You've not only got the wrong generation, you have no idea what my family history taught me.

It's certainly not the viscious bile you spout.
The Queen fist punched the Donald ?? She keeps up with social norms that old lady
BIG victory today in Arizona. A highly respected Judge has just ruled that the Forensic Audit being done by the Arizona State Senate can and will continue. Over 100 Democrat lawyers were sent to fight against this audit. The results will be very interesting for the USA and the World to see! Why are the Democrats fighting so hard to hide the facts? I know why, and so does everyone else!

never saw this in the news , not surprised considering what it is .
About time something was done about itwave
jac you're from the UK...unless Trump has been your President then STFU!!

no one cares about your opinion.
what she said
I am pretty sure someone else if footing the bill for that. I been watching that man since the 1970s. No way he invests his own money into anything. Take money out, sure. It is a flop from launch. Only those watching him religiously will sign up. Server farm costs, property rental costs, etc. He probably has a contract requiring the platform pay him $1,000 per word typed or spoken, $500 for the use of any photo, etc and shares of stock certificates weekly (in case they somehow become valuable and an insurable tax loss if not).
He is toast. His daughter could win, but she isn't interested and his ego wouldn't allow that anyway.
You should know then he number of people he employs .
Few good people in New Hampshire are working to expose the election fraud , there will come a time when the position of the SCOTUS on the fraud will leave it exposed .
A pipe dream. SCOTUS will pass on that just like they passed on cases involving the killing of the Kennedy's. They learned a lot the day Lincoln marched soldiers with fixed bayonets into the Supreme Court House. They stay out of political dynamite cases whenever possible as they have no desire to be executed as traitors by either side.
As Ms. Cheny said, he is burnt toast and it is time to seek someone new and fresh.
She could be out of her well paid job next Wednesday , just who will be the toast is yet to be seen .
She could be out of the assignment, sure. So what? It doesn't effect her term of office and her district's voters will decide if she returns. Let's face it, the last 4 or 5 candidates, the Republicans have really been scrapping the bottom of the barrel (or course the same is true of the Democrats). Time for both parties to start nominating candidates who are decades younger and not left OR right wing fringe folk.
Doubtful she would win an election . She is facing a challenge because she worked against the GOP selected presidential candidate , that is a big deal . Whats more she has been indorsed by Pelosi , that would be enough to see an end to her position . You can add to this a replacement has been endorsed by Trump . She may resign to save her face between now and Wednesday , she looks dead in the water and a divisive figure .

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