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You Can Come To Your Own Conclusion................ On This One...........Because I Don't Want To Be Given Anybody........................ That This Is The Way That It Is...........................But.....In Fact?....It is The way That It Is
March 30th Was The Last Time That Our Man.....Stringman.........Was On This Site.
I Have The Stringman's Personal Email....And His Real Name.....And Have Been Trying To Get Some Contact With Him
But Unfortunately?...No Luck Whatsoever
When Ever I Would Contact Him? I Would Always Hear From Him Usually By The Next Day

No....I Know For Sure That he Would Have At The Least?....Replied Back
But This Is Not Happening And I Can tell You.......It's Not Normal For The Stringman Not To Reply Back

That Tells Me That He Has Not Been Online At All
At Least From My First E Mail Which Was 10 Days Ago
If He had Just Decided to Quit Altogether Being On Here?....He Would At Least Let Me Know
My Last Email Was Telling Him That There Were People Who Were Worried Here
So At Least Let Me Know Something
And It Has Been A Total Silence Since Then

I Have Checked The Obituaries For Him.........But I Cannot Find Nothing
(In A Way?......That's Good News At Least)

So This Is All That I Can Gather About The Stringman
You Can Come To Your Own Conclusion On What Has Happened To The Stringman

He Could Be In A Hospital Or Something Like That Without His Computer
Who Knows?.............I Certainly Don't Know

All That I Can Say Is
Let Us Hope That The Stringman Is Alright

detective detective detective detective detective

Comments (9)

I too hope Stringman is well and ready to resume blogging.
I've been asking about String, but for some reason no one replied to me....
then when I asked Jenny his where abouts, she brought out a blog and thankfully some replies but unfortunately no one knew or could say anything about Mr String.

It's not looking good two of our holy men, vanished sad flower sad flower
none of us knowing any better.
Just re-read, you last heard from him 10 days ago/ or he was last on line....
well that's hopeful.
I think it's safe to say .. he didn't get a vaxx.
... Keep us posted.
Hi Namwave

Hope he turns uphandshake
Amazing how selective people are when it comes to condemning conspiracy theories. He may be on a covert mission in Canada.
do you have his postal address or phone number? you can address it to his name & family and express your concerns. you may get a response from someone. or you can call and leave a message if a relative/friend doesn't pick up. if he's on FB you can post on his timeline. you might get im'd back. online stuff is pw protected but phones and postal aren't. good luck
I Put Up Another Blog To Update My Findings
But Exactly Nobody Even Left A Comment On His Disapearance
So I Just Took The Second Damned Blog Down

Except For You Few?
Nobody Could Give A Shit Less Here Of What Might Have Happened To Stringman.

So..In The Future?
If I Find Out Anything?
I'll Leave Them All To Wonder
(If They Are Even Doing That)

You People Didn't Know That When This Site Took Down Just About All Of His Blogs Concerning Religion?
The Stringman Became A Broken Man
If You Didn;t Realize This?...It Devastated Him........(I Know Because he Told Me)
(That's Probably One Of The Main Reasons I'm getting Further Away From This Place)
I'll From Time To Time Do A Little On My Main Blog That I Like....That's Just About It

This Place is Really getting Worst. Such Is The Shame What It Did To String Man

And if You Disagree?..........Go Ahead And Give It Back To Me
I Could Care Less..Because?
You Cannot Lose What You Never Had......................detective
I didn't know they had taken his religious blogs down. I wonder what they were thinking.
I did notice all of Dong's political blogs were gone, I wasn't sure if he deleted them or they took them. I've had blogs disappear and even comments. It would be nice if they would email us and tell us what's on their mind and why they are removing our writings.

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