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Out of Stock...

It's become the usual phrase "Sorry, that's out of stock and on backorder"
Cabinet hardware, plumbing fixtures, lumber, it really makes little difference as the entire world seems to be on backorder.

One of my friends recently moved to Asheville, North Carolina. He's a retired general contractor building his own house. Literally, everything going into the house is in short supply, out of stock and on backorder. What was expected to be a few months of construction is turning into a year. It's a good thing he and his wife have a motor home parked on his land while construction goes on.

The last two kitchen jobs I signed had discontinued tiles and the clients had to return to re-select.

I waited 3 months for a new model helicopter to become available. I got the email last week it's in stock and ready to place an order today I see it's already sold out with the next shipment due around the end of July.

Checking with a competitors models and 80% of their inventory appear to be on backorder.

It's not hard to predict that rebuilding after COVID will be a long, long time.

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Correction... For now, there is one item with plenty of stock. Toilet paper!
I got everything I need. However, I'm not doing any building.
Jim, I'm finding it's across the board. Cheap running shoes no stock. Office products. Now that so many are working from home, printers, ink for the printers, webcams are in short supply.
I have a lifetime supply of clothes & shoes.
Too much, really.
Now that I am retired, I don't need the suits, ties, nor dress shoes near as much.

The one thing I go through is spikes for softball. They used to last 5 years.
Now they are used up in a year.
But, a sports store near me went out of business last summer
and I bought 4 pairs of new spikes and 3 pairs of hiking boots, all at a great discount.
I'm set.

The only things I buy now are food and gasoline.
I've also been buying old computers and upgrading the RAM & harddrives, doing minor repairs and re-selling them at a profit.
It's a spare time sort of thing. No shortages there either.
However, I did read that some microchips are becoming backorders.
I buy refurbished computers but there will be a time when older hardware is no longer supported.

I'm already gifting some Android tablets simply because they are too slow to be practical.
I have an 8" tablet that I connect to my DJI drone. It hasn't been used in months as I abandoned that part of the sport. At some point the drone will require a firmware update to fly and it's possible the tablet application will no longer be supported.

Back to shortages, while you are set for life in shoes and clothing, really few people can be in that position, especially those with children. I'm picky about the underwear I use and couldn't find that brand and style. After 6 months of searching several stores, I settled for a different brand. They are in the laundry and I'll try them out later this week!

I bought a new car last year. Toyota. The previous one lasted me for 13 years and took lots of abusive miles from me. Can I get 10-12 years from this one? Hopefully. I'll be pushing 80 years old and who knows if I'll be better off using Uber to get around.

If I were to sell my place furnished and purchased an empty condo would it be a problem to fill it up again? Cabinet orders are 8-10 weeks to get now.
The computers I selected to upgrade are ones that Dell designed to run their offices.
They are uniquely upgradeable.
I'm giving them 32gb RAM and 2TB harddrive and a SSD hardrive.
The ones I am selecting have a quad core and 4 SODIMM slots.
They have 17 inch screens and 2 harddrives.
They are 32bit and can run on Windows 10 as well as other OS.
They are a bulky solidly built laptop, known as a working station.
They are a hit with gamers and other people.
I and other photographers love the hi-res large screen along with the larger harddrive I put in them as well as the portability.
The gamers love the SSD and the 32gb RAM and the mult-ports to plug in even bigger screens.
I know absolutely nothing, or at least next to nothing, about drones.

Luckily Google knows something;

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