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Commercial ammunition sales in the US hit new high

For most of 2020 in the US ammunition for personal firearms had been in short supply. For the past 10 years American citizens purchased and consumed about 8 Billion rounds of small arms ammunition per year. I am talking about private citizens, not our military (which shoots a lot more often than private citizens do). However in 2020, in the midst of Covid19 suddenly small arms ammunition became in short supply and prices skyrocketed for the little bit available. Some folks had thought the shortage of ammunition to shoot was the result of a leftists or the government to disarm them. LoL, no it wasn't.

There were several reasons for the shortage as the video below explains. Covid19 caused some of the ammunition makers to briefly shut down. A major ammunition and firearms maker, Remington, filed for bankruptcy and closed (they were later purchased by the company that owns the Federal and Speer ammunition companies and their ammunition production is slowly resuming). Another major reason for the ammunition shortfall is a record number of Americans (almost 9 million) lawfully purchased their first firearm in 2020. This knocked the consumer demand for small arms ammunition in 2020 up to 14 Billion rounds of ammunition.
I know I myself (and friends I had come by to help me make noise) consumed only about 2,000 rounds in early 2020. By mid summer we had to find an alternative way of passing the time, due to the shortage of ammunition at stores and online sources.
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Anyway, the ammunition shortage seems to be ending. Here is the video.explaining what happened.

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