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Giving out your personal information... the bait!

I see lots of profiles where members give out their first and last names along with contact information like a phone number or email address. To my thinking, it's either a scammer or stupidity. Can people be so naive in this day of scams to divulge so much personal information?
A new profile this week has a woman in my state who says she's a widow with one daughter making over $150,000 a year and will treat her man like a king.
I'm inclined to believe it's a scammer and all (the goodies) mentioned in the profile is the calling card to catch a guy looking for an easy ride. That's the bait!

I could be right.
I could be wrong.

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I doubt that anyone who mention their contact information openly on profile on a free dating site , they are naive ... I think actually they are very very clever !!! wink
All the numbers and emails that get mailed to me I paint all of those on zillions of ladies public toilet doors.
Tanz, clever in what way?
I see you winking...
There is a rule on another site you cannot send an email address until your 2nd message. I'm not sure how they monitor that one.

I used to keep a list of emails from known scammers and would reply to a scammer with the email from a previous scammer.
what makes me smile is the fact that governments can read your emails and track your phones and even eavesdrop on you ,yet they can not catch scammers ,,,but there again governments are the biggest scammers on the planet ,,,

I used to keep a list of emails from known scammers and would reply to a scammer with the email from a previous scammer.

Exactly what I do as well and I actually feel neglected by the way they ignore me...moping
It is scary when Men send me their personal info. in a first message.

These Men don't blog and it is hard to know a little of who they are.

No I don't call them nor send emails.
Chat you taught me that trick, to send a scammer another scammer's email info. That entertained me for awhile back on MD.
Yes Chatillon,
you could be right . .. or
you could be wrong ...or you just like to look at the bad things regarding people.
I am one of those people who give out their phone number and sometimes email. I trust people.
, but after reading your attitude / gossip maybe I should just stay to myself.
It is sad our Society is so paranoid and scared of one another. And of course your letter is one of the main reasons we are scared of each other.
Always with love and understanding and with regards to your gossip PATIENCE .
riva, did you read about the scammer warnings listed on this site when you joined?

Scammers are everywhere and it's advised not to give out too much personal information to people your don't know.

Something so simple as getting your car serviced at a Hispanic owned dealership and the next day getting pounded by spam calls to extend my auto warrantee... in Spanish.
It's been going on for months.

Going to the doctor shouldn't be a problem when they photocopy your driver's license and credit card. The next day my bank called to notify me that $1,200 in charges at the grocery store came up on my account. I asked how could someone spend that much in groceries?
It wasn't groceries they bought.
Gift cards... cannot be traced. That's what was purchased.

It's protection... not paranoia.
Better to be safe and not sorry.

It's okay if you're comfortable giving out your personal information.

That profile of the woman who had first, last, phone number disappeared.
Hi Chat,

I gave my phone number and skype and I made friends with those members for a long time now. I think I'm just good in picking genuine members from the fake ones.laugh sigh
One woman hitting on me had a story about her late father's fortune. She sent a photo of a suitcase filled with money and offered it to me if I married her!

CH, I lived for SKYPE and had 2 accounts. One for business and one for internet friends.

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