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The Juggler/Entertainer

The Act of Juggling

A Juggler is someone very clever and skillful who continuously tosses into the air and catches a number of objects so as to keep at least one in the air while handling the others or, it can also be several activities (multitasking)

Here, I would like to discuss “people jugglers”.

Keep/Juggle balls in the air
If you keep a lot of balls in the air, you deal with many different things at the same time.

A'Balancing/'Juggling act
A process in which somebody tries to please two or more people, or groups, who want different things.

Now, talking about people, what about those who are unable to juggle balls in the air, nor try to please two or more people at the same time, and must drop one in order to deal with the other one and so on?

I got inspired while playing with my pup "fetch & bring". He could handle one ball but, when throwing another one, he had to drop the first one as the other one looked better and more interesting.

Are there any jugglers here?

Do you drop people because you cannot handle more than one at a time?

Are you the ball being dropped all of a sudden, for no reason, and then used again, some time in the future, as a rebound, when it suits the juggler?

Feel free to discuss
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Comments (35)

I'm good with balls. Pocket tennis.

I think at a dating site it's a good thing. Not a bad thing.
I'm ready to be dropped at a seconds notice and moving on. Expect the same.
How can you get to talk to the required 602 or what it is to find the right one. lol

I know you are a good juggeler as well Daniella, and I think, as mentioned, it's a good thing.
To take it one step further, as you showed yday there is several levels of intimacy.
Second level can be introduced later if it gets that far. Meaning your dog can get to chew on his ball of choice after the play time is done.
Hi Grandioz..
I'm not sure I understand fully what you're saying?

Do you mean you're a good juggler and can handle several balls/people at the same time?

I like to keep all the important and meaninful balls in my court.

What about if someone drops you because they have found better balls to play with, and then later come back to play with you...?
Yes, that's what I'm saying. Me good at this, as you.

Drop me to come back later? I'll probably remember and decline the second time.

I can juggle 3 balls at the same time, couldn't juggle people especially not fat people.
Hey Pat..
I can also juggle 3 balls ...and people. smile
i was a people juggler for 10 years , a very demanding thing to do ,but given practice it becomes more possible but never easier , because people are their own worst enemies with out ever realising it ,
you see it in all walks of life ,because to many people think they are right even when they know that they are wrong ,,,did i ever drop the balls ,not in my point of view ,,in fact no i never ever did , did i make enemies probably a few ,but only from the people i was trying to help ,as the foe always accepted the limitations ,,,,, would i do it again ,,,not in todays society because people are not so realistic today ,,,
I like to please all in the real world for the sake of peace laugh
I'm a juggler....

wait maybe I should have said jiggler
Hi Ed..I'm also a people juggler but, as we get older, it's becoming somewhat more difficult to keep all the balls in the air sigh
Hi Merc...I'm also a people pleaser smile
Hi Fay...welcome on board.wave
Wowww !!! Such a deep meaningful and unique idea of comparison !!! Indeed !!!

We all have to juggle sometimes , somethings , to some point somehow...
No matter if we like it or not , no matter if we good at it or not , but we all become the ball in the hand of the great juggler called destiny... wine
Tanzi, that is the perfect expression of my sentiment as well.Couldn't have said it any better.

Im the kind of guy whose friend think has died when he gets a girlfriend. But to be honest my attitude is the same. I'd say that she's the reason I can't come out tonight before disappearing for five years. But if a man cannot disappear from other men for five years, what kind of a group of men is that?
That's much better than being the guy who brings his girlfriend along to the group, who then reports back to the other girlfriends causing all sorts of grief.
Tanz..I agree..
We all have to juggle at some point but...
Are we able to?dunno really disappear for 5 years ?
Rose ! wow

You also think so !! hug

I can say that at least I myself not at all good at juggling... doh
But it's not too late to learn Tanzila.dunno
wave Dani
I can juggle two balls with one hand, three balls with two, and two footballs on the soles of my feet.
Maybe I should rephrase that to COULD wink

As for people well... I'm pretty good at it and depending the socalled balls, being so can be a bloody curse and should I be dropped by them, that would be blessing but nah" that won't happen because balls like me always bounce back up and carry on being bouncy bouncy playball

Juggling is the same as multi tasking to me..If you're able to multi task you can juggle

I'm a juggler I don't drop any balls when my eyes at on multiple tasks at hand.
I stuffed up a couple of words ^^^^^^^ laugh
That's good Merc. thumbs up

There was a time when I could multitask - not only physically - but also mentally.

Now I find it a bit more difficult as I need to focus on one thing at the time.
My employment as well as my gym regime requires a shit load of multitasking..Of course Dani there will come a time when that will be impossible.
I don't view ther people as juggleable.

If they want to be up in the air at any given time, that's their own choice.

I cannot control where they want to be, nor do I wish to.
Five years, yes. Bros before hos is an infantile disease to avoid flying the nest. Real men are not a prison warden or a police officer - a little maggot control freak here to thwart your ambition and basically stop you living your life.
Its even in the Bible to leave the 99 and go after that 1. The 99 will be fine. We are destined to flake on the 99 and only those who hate the flow of life would choose to stop it.
And that's what real love is. It would still be love in a world for two with no comparison to draw. The modern woman can go f*ck herself if she wants the basis of our relationship to be the stiff competition she's up against. I'm pretty vacant in a relationship anyway it wouldn't be easy to become sick of the sight of me. Not with this face. The 99 are not much involved with the 1 in contrast to the compare the market way that most relationships work- you love him because he might leave you for somebody else, and men stop other men from scoring for the same reason.
laugh @CC I have come to the conclusion after reading several of your comments, that you are referring to juggling the prospects.
Both men and women have clearly done that quite
openly here. It might not be juggling, as much as a scorecard for some. If juggling your prospects is a practiced art, then they refer to stay person as a
serial dater.
stay...that person
As far as "stiff competition" or 1%:
I admit the Bible reference was quite a stretch to grasp your meaning. The shepherd loves the entire flock, individually, and will go to great lengths to find the stray so we have different perceptions there and of course the 1% can non-biblicaly refer to the elite.

Whether she is the competitor,or puts men through a competition for her, that describes a self-importance
on other person's end. By "modern woman" I gathered the negative aspect is that she is a trophy hunter,
the same as certain men.dunno
You're not meant to understand it, just be impressed by it's verbosity. 1% of it makes any sense at all.
laugh it's you I don't try to get.
Reading all the last comments...
I don't know WTH people are talking about here???confused

Sorry might be the sun or...
My mental state is juggling too many balls at the same time these days.

Many things happening...more than I can cope with. doh

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