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L 0 G I C.

Tag.} Liberal org. Govt. 1$ Corrupt.
..fact checked by : CENTINEL. Number 1. 10/05/1787

...If one general government could be instituted & maintained on principles of freedom, it would not be so competent to attend to the various local concerns and wants, of every particular district, as well as the particular governments-- who nearer the scene-- and possesed of superior information; besides, if the business of the whole Union is to be managed by one government, there would not be TIME [ !
...From this investigation into the organization of this [proposed ] government, it appears to be devoid of all responsibility or accountability to the great body of the people, and that so far from being a regular balanced government, it would [ will now become
Remember, of all possible evils, that of despotism is the worst and the most to be dreaded...

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did you ever see Little Big Man? this country is like the indian brave that did the opposite
Verily...many years ago at yonder library.. before it became policy to treat healthy patrons like a plague..
eYe did check that film out..
So it begins in Oregon, the vetting.
Those who have vaxed are eligible for a lottery winning drawn from only those...and who is supplying the money? Taxes,pharma..and some reference was made to college age criterias?
conversing back to work.
Even the fire drill can't overcome my Monday humdrum.grin an airhorn... really? No fire bells.
Doesn't get better than a commercial, and I was expecting a woman to be yelling about car insurance rates.
Did you remove the Kevin Bacon blog...
Or was it Lord Bander$natch ?
My blogs go poof, much to the despair of the get the most comments crew.rolling on the floor laughing
Or the I was so right about everything and now it's wow

Of it had to be Lord cumberbund.peace
I have blogs removed..even comments removed.
It's nice to know someone cares enough about their personal agenda
to read the blogs.
Honestly I would pass on that job.
Bloody boring.. most are. yawn
Don't worry Bob your normal blog just leaves most stymied.

Is it? or Is it Not? dunno

hahaha I love them!! heart wings
Thank you fair Coeds...heart wings
Needs its own card.[ playbill.

Note the speaker UN derstood
..the Value of T I M E...
And the relationship of $yntax, $enate, LAND,
Bank & sinful men,women,queer, Tran, ware-wolf.
@hpyldy stymied you think? blimy'ed perhaps but never interested or dismayed I've never strayed long enough to decipher and whyfor would I - at the end the answer is naught to seek out.
He writes what he wants to write
I read what I want to read
What he writes I don't need
What he writes I don't read
Read need write
His written is not my smitten
Never, I promise.
And yet here you R ...fooling only yourself...roll eyes

A acme Dentures grin
peace full Nixon production.®
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