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I received a yellow card today.

But it wasn't a warning. It's my healthcare card, that entitles me to healthcare all over the country. Everyone has this card, both rich and poor. It's not something you have to apply for and get approved for. When you are registered in the healthcare database, a card will be sent to you. If you fall ill, break a leg or go to the doctor, all you have to do is show the yellow card to the secretary or the doctor, and you'll be treated. Once you're done, you can leave.

"But Philipsen, how much does it cost to see a doctor?", I hear you ask.. Well, it doesn't cost me a thing. It's free. Every doctors visit, every surgery, every ER visit is free of charge. Births as well. You don't oay anything to hold your child after it's born. "But how is that possible?" I hear you ask.. Well, I'm glad you ask. You see, we are very heavily taxed here in Denmark. If you earn above $897,310 a year, you have to pay what's known as a wealth tax. Currently, that's 15%. That means, that you pay 37% tax of the $897,310. If you earn more than that, you have to pay 15% of that amount in taxes. That means, if someone here earns a million dollars a year, or $83.333 a month, the total tax rate is you have to pay of the $83.333, is 52%. Me, who doesn't earn anywhere close to that, only have to pay 37% of my income in taxes. That's how we are able to provide the high standard of healthcare here. Of course, the system isn't perfect. There are waiting lists for surgeries, sometimes that list can stretch for years. I assume it's because they look at how severe the illness is, and they go from there.

"But Philipsen, aren't people abusing the system?", I hear you ask. No, actually not. Most Danes are relatively healthy, because of the Universal healthcare we have here.

Will it work in other countries? I don't know. I would like to see how the USA would fare, if they implemented Universal healthcare for a year. It would annihilate the private insurance industry, and the taxes would rise, but the standard of healthcare would increase dramatically..

But no, that's socialism..

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There is lots of socialism here in the USA also, despite a lot of people not understanding that.
Here roads are paved, bridges and tunnels are built, public schools are built & run, social security, unemployment benefits, and other programs are all forms of socialism. However, the insurance industry has paid off congressmen to trick a significant portion of the public into thinking that universal healthcare would be a dramatic leap into communism. roll eyes
Meanwhile these same fools voted twice for a scamming dictator wannabe, who not only drove the country deeper in debt by giving permanent tax cuts for the rich, but he embraced the dictators in N Korea, Russia and Saudi Arabia, and mislead the public into ignoring the pandemic and climate change.
As you pay so much in taxes, can you smoke in the hospital bed?
Bn, there were separate rooms for that 15years ago, but the laws came and now there is designated smoking zones 50yards from the entrance. But do not be surprised if the nurse follow you out and take a blow with you.

Philipsen, yes the welfare state is one we all appreciate up here in scandinavia.
I feel safe cos of it, as can be. It's wort the taxes, that by the way have gradually sunk decade by decade in this country. About 25% now. Reasonable. It was much higher 30years ago, 40% was normal then.

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