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Satire - Newly named business head

Andy, quick as a bunny to hop on the news of the convening of the grand jury regarding crimes in the Trump businesses and a not too farfetched defense by the 'stable genius'. laugh.

Today from The New Yorker;

Comments (2)

Jim it could be funny, but we know Trump will do anything to save himself.

Don't put much effort into the charade of the legal system. Like so many times before Trump will walk free to keep on doing what he does best.

Yes, he is above the law. frustrated
That remains to be seen. He's already paid hefty sums $$ from court case losses and lots of settlements.
His legal team did horribly with the election challenges.
They don't call grand juries for no reason.
I'll admit, that so far, he has gotten away with too much.
But, it is possible, that the piper is overdue to paid for him.

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