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Ball point physics.}

Tag. } charting by McBob , story by de Luxe.

An Astronot ponders the cadence, the nouns, the Hz; ) frequency.) $tyle & result...{ entropy-.
..the Physicist speaks of plain / plane English..
& can segue thru muy platforms...viz.
3. ride w/ the sun./ fairyland.
..2. head East. } flat as a pancake.
1. heart of the sunrise / Y E S.
...the first Gate | continuity [ of E nergy.
the 2nd. Time = entropy
..y h w h. / U 2...)..who is & was & is there.
.making time / the Creation
your time is up./ frantic Flintstones
...the system itself is rolling up & winding down.
Another $ystem [ w...
has pre Occupied its T I M E ) ) with 664 [ ?
Zombie films--. } shot in w.a.r.} wide aspect ratio.
Z. Thriller / Jackson
...Y..(?)..6 ft. Under / gravediggas.
X.. she's not there./ zombies.
...part 2.. airport Confidential...} stressed out / 21 pilots
...pilot in the sky of dreams / threshold
headed for nowhere / jets overhead
Jet . Lag../ simple plan.
..A R ] facts of Life / black box recorder
.....plan b. [ and not a good one....
B-52s / B 52$.
..boom..boom../ animals
9 ft. underground / caravan
..A R.] rest in peace./ banco $0ccorso., the C M E...aka the X Ray....
C..Corona / minutemen..)..tic..tic..tic...
...M... gamma ray.} headed for tomorrow.}

E...anthem of the Sun./ Grateful Dead [ ie, zombies
...a r.} jet propelled photograph./ soft machine.

Comments (3)

You don't expect your local dee jay to be this, um
..artistic....we do it for the public service of UN folding their block chain..
........ Friday 13th./ Atomic rooster
12 ways to die / ghostface killa. 11 / love.....angel
Art for arts sake / 10 cc.
..this might.] Hurt./ 9"nails.
H./08...ATE.}. airborne toxic event / sum time
.................round midnight....
24,900 mph./ 7 year bytch
6th Extinction/ ayreon.....| 5th dimension / byrds
...four horsemen / Metallica
Eli's coming./ 3 dog night.
. Joshua tree./ U 2
... opening move./ Gryphon

Dense / Univers zero
fountain pen says hi wave
Noted in the Log..
a. Continue- ance/ conduction
..b. arrow of Time.
c. total zero.[ E nergy gone-- but where ?

The de tales of de Enlighten ment... Sun very mad / Crabs !
black hole sun / sound garden
.m o o n. Stomp./ The sharks
..A R.] wrecking crew./ The meteors

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