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New roomate vs. old roommate (part 2) + budget and other things.

I have been at my new place for about a month. Lots of new things to take in, sort and figure out. As most of you know, my former roommate was a bit of an idiot. A pretentious person, who would buy super expensive stuff, and complain that he's out of money three days before payday. I couldn't wait to get out of there, and I was constantly looking for new places to live. Finally someone said "Yeah, I'll have you live here even if you don't have a job. As long as you can pay the rent, it doesn't matter what you do".

So now I have been living with a stranger for about a months time, as I stated in the beginning. So how has it been? Has it been like the previous person, or is it a lot better?

It's SO much better here. Honestly! Him and I are both very private people, which works out flawlessly. He's at work most of the time, which leaves me home alone to do whatever I want. I can use the kitchen as much as I want to, I don't have to run down to a laundry building to do my laundry, and I was told that I could just eat all the condiments, since he's not gonna eat them. But the best part: No long winded messages about how much things cost, how I forgot to wash up a dish or how much power or internet I am using.

So far, I can see myself living here for a few years, easily. Oh, I almost forgot: When it comes to having friends over, I don't need to run that by my new roommate. I asked him about how he felt about me having guests come by, and his reaction was "I don't care, as long as you don't make any noises during the night". Not that I can have anyone sleeping over, since my bed is only "rated" for one person. IF I had someone over to spend the night, they would either have to sleep on the floor, or we would need to get very close in bed. Given that the only person I know here is K, and she lives 5 minutes away, having her over to spend the night is not something that's gonna happen.

"But Philipsen, what about R? Aren't you still talking to her?", you might ask.. Well.. She's got me blocked pretty much everywhere, so I would say that friendship is stone cold dead. I still have her suitcase here, though. I am debating whether to keep it, bin it or give it away. It's been here for two years, and I think she's forgotten it. I'll probably just keep it, just in case she wants it back..

Anyway, I am MUCH happier here than I was at the old place. It makes me sleep better at night, knowing that I am not gonna wake up to a novel, about how something is wrong, how I forgot to clean up a plate or how much internet I use.

I have also begun to stick to my budget today. I know I will have to spend a load of money on food and drinks for my birthday. I am thinking a leg of lamb.. Hopefully it won't destroy the budget for this month. If it does, well I'm gonna have to adjust. But it shouldn't be a problem. I might actually make a new "rule" for myself: Whenever we hit the 27th of each month, the remaining money in my account will be transferred to my savings account. It doesn't matter if it's DKK1000 or DKK100. Whatever is left will be sent to my savings. Over time, it'll slowly build up to a sizeable amount. It'll also probably be enough to buy myself a car, if I can find one within my budget. It doesn't need to be super fancy. As long as it runs and drives, that'll be perfect for me.

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It seems the old roommate itch a sketch on you brain.

You moved on and left him behind, heal that wound and live you life to the fullest.

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