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The constipated mathematician...

My brother has a degree in engineering. Stacks of books and years of study. He tutored his oldest son in calculus and remembers how to use a slide ruler. He's designer and built bridges... even wrote a book on the subject.
One of his college buddies often talked about the story of the constipated mathematician.
They say he worked out with a pencil!

While on the topic of pencils, I found a really interesting video on the making of Faber-Castell pencils. The video claims they produce 2.3 billion pencils a year.

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I think we've had a thread before on the invention making and cost of Astronaut pencils, have we not?
Ah, it is a pen in fact. Lead shavings are not welcome in space amongst electonic equipment.

The Space Pen (also known as the Zero Gravity Pen), marketed by Fisher Space Pen Company, is a pen that uses pressurized ink cartridges and is able to write in zero gravity, underwater, over wet and greasy paper, at any angle, and in a very wide range of temperatures.
I would have guessed, that it would have been even more automated by now.
It seems there is still a lot of hands on transfers.

Damn ! I haven't seen a pre-sharpened pencil in a long time.
That's a nice touch.
"being in the business for over 257 years"

People and not machines. I'm okay with that.
It's not broken, no need to fix it.
Those who are employed by Faber-Castell can surely appreciate that concept.
I'm not objecting to it. I'm just a bit surprised.

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