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my uninspiring blog

today i woke up
i smoked a cigarette
i put on my shoes and
bought more cigarettes
then i bought a frozen dinner
and a trowel
for some faux wood
i hate carpet

Comments (50)

wow. more than a view a minute for uninspired. i think we have discovered the problem with CS
We interrupt this blog and join the BLOG AWARDS© Program in progress ...

In the Category of "Most Uninspiring Blog EVER" playball ...

May I have the envelope, Please?

* sound of tearing paper *

And the Winner IS ... ORCHID!! ... yay ... applause

We return you now to the regularly posted blog. ... yawn ... sleep

If you knew its uninspiring why did you post it?

Next you may post how long you watched the paint to dry on a wall or how many times you used the restroom?

CS has lost its zest, no need to add salt to the wound.

People need inspiration and hope these days in a dysfunctional world we live in.

Maybe you already inspired someone and don't even know it.
Maybe you don't care either.

Yet, there are bloggers and poets who inspire and bloggers and poets who add to the mire.
Pro. it was written in jest. if we knew each other, you would know that. ah ha! that's the difference between online only and real life! kudos to me
I gotta tell ya, Orchid ...

"I hate carpet" is pretty damned Opinionated.
Something that Energized banana coulda derailed your Award.

Just sayin'.

Mic. i stand by my hatred for carpet! we change our bed sheets for a reason.
After reading this blog I also put my shoes on, and I'm not even going anywhere
BN, i stand with you, in shoes *makes a fist and hold it high lips
Actually Orchid, that was quite an inspiring blog.
I join Mic with the reward.applause

At least it created some light hearted fun.cheering
Carpet Hatred is Not the issue ... scold

Merely MENTIONING Anything so emphatically may've INSPIRED Interest.
Other than That the blog is an Opus Magnum of Uninspiration.

By Contrast -
Conspicuously OMITTING the Type of frozen dinner was unalloyed Genius!! ... bowing

I have the advantage of not understanding the english language sometimes, even on the most trivia of triviel. Then I'm in the excellent position of being able to ask the most mood dampening stupidities of all time. Hmm let me think....
ah idea
Are you going to change out the carpe...yawn

sleep sleep

Grand, i'm skinning my floors like a great buffalo
hi Dan, it is clear, dull wins over politics
one could say i was being introspective when really, i took a bowel movement
It sure does Orchid. thumbs up you need a translation?

There's an interpreter in house. wink
I prefer it when you talk dirty palmwink laugh
Should I get my tits out and get this party started?
I don't have carpets.
Here in Spain we have tiled floors.dancing
Lee, i respect you. you'll have to buy me a candle-lit dinner in the remote countryside with a room outfitted with a 2-person tub to get the dirty out of me.

kindest regards,
BN...are you still waiting for the bus?
Dan, that's the way to go banana
Atta Boy, Grands cheering

Now you're with the Program - This blog probes the Extreme Outer Limits Of Banality.

BN, are yours bigger than mine?
Orchid, Lee won't buy you anything.
You'll have to pay for his dinner...or go Dutsch.
Mic, as far as i know, banality is still legal. i stand strong with banality!
And some people thought 'A day in the life' by The Beatles could never be bettered
Dan, if it's Dutch. it's cheese and crackers. Lee gets the cheese
Orchid..first BN will need cojones to show you whatever. laugh
Waiter a table for twowaiter popcorn pointing giggle
welcome, Chance! this is a first. confused because a Biden hater writes a shoe and carpet blog. and the aliens want a piece of this? rolling on the floor laughing

no capital letters no punctuation

orchid is channeling ee cúmmings ... tinfoil hat

"cúmmings" ... giggle
I make good sandwichesgrin
@Crypt - thanks! And i don't know about that, but i do like a bit of carpet - or preferably a landing strip

daydream Does Orchid's carpet match her drapes?

Orchid's setting a Trend!! very happy

Old school, blast from the past RETRO UNinspiration ...

pardon me. call to sister of dying parent

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