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"Stable Genius", my azzzz. What a baffoon !

The corrupt orange scammer and other associated nutcases are now telling people, that he will be re-instated as (worst) president by August. rolling on the floor laughing I wonder if anyone we know will be dumb enough to contribute their $$$ to this newest dumb stance. crazy

Yesterday from Business Insider;

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I hope this time the authorities will be prepared for another insurrection on the capital.

It will be best that the victims will be the ones who support Trump and his bullshit.

We have been here before Jim. When Trump is not held accountable for his actions he pushes the envelope. Yeah, I'm waiting for him to shoot someone on fifth avenues and all will say the victim deserve it.

He thinks Arizona recount is the magic bullet. That's what America gets for electing a disturbed narcissist. devil
While I agree with a lot of what you said La, no one deserves having Trump as a 'leader'.
It was a terrible 4 years for the country. Now, hopefully the courts will hold him accountable for the crimes he committed.
Heard/read that there is a coup being planned in the not to distant future... could of course just be wishful thinking... who knows? laugh
Trump claims to have an IQ of 156. Is there any proof of this?
l - yeah. There is proof. Trump wrote down that random number. So, it 'must' be true. laugh

Not only are they not better, since the emergence of the 'Tea Party', there has been a large faction, that are dishonest obstructionists.

Quite the opposite. Trump was in favor of the rich, who supported him. He TALKED a lot of b.s. that he was for the people, but he was not. He gave the rich large permanent tax breaks, jobs in government, that they were totally unqualified for, raped the environment by essentially squashing the EPA and ignoring climate change. Since you are not in the USA, I don't expect you to understand this, nor how bad a president, that Trump truly was. He was OFFICIALLY the worst US president in history. That's not me saying that. That is what the most educated presidential historians determined after scoring ALL US presidents on presidential performance criteria.

Is the IQ score verifiable?

Or is it just "fake news"........dunno
The good news for somebody like me is that every time you try to drag the man down I always find the arguments to be not very strong. Happy to see that, but let me add: that is only my own subjective view.

I've heard the news - I'd Not bet heavily on it.

l - fake. He wasn't even smart enough to be able to pass his subjects in school.
He hired people to take his tests and write papers. Anyone who has heard him talk ad lib, should be able to recognize, that he isn't very bright. He's certainly, not stable, and not a genius.
He has about average, or just below average intelligence. Unfortunately, that's still more intelligent
than a lot of people. They are his marks to be duped & fleeced.

G - I don't have to try to "drag him down". He does a terrific job of that all by himself.
I just tell the truth, and the truth doesn't shine well on him.
Presidency reinstatement is NOT news,this is a political blog, with cancel culture added.

Walking a fine line of CS banning, between now and August.Ddong,Swamie and Stringman dunno

Things are a bit slower in summer at CS but...
Your blogs might need more than politics or
covid topics to recover from the death spiral.
Sorry 'buttercup', but this IS news. I gave you the link.
He's has no political office and he has not announced candidacy for any political position with any LEGITIMATE News source (any idiot can say almost any b.s. on Twitter).
This is about his stream of lies, not politics.

If anyone is demonstrating "cancel culture" it is you, who threatens to cancel the truth.

Rather ironic, considering your behavior on here. You should be banned for the way you
trolled members on here and how you continually repeatedly add comments to your own blogs, just to bring them to the top, despite no one else commenting on them, and how you try to submerge others' blogs by commenting on a string of ancient blogs.
You may fool a news MOD, be we are not fooled by your jealousy. scold
Your link does not work for those who don't waste their time in becoming a member of Twitter, which appropriately, is for twits.
Stop your delusions. Stay on topic of the blog, or move on. wave
Please tell me more.
Last warning. Stay on topic of the blog, or move on. wave
Orange scammer
Dumb stance

Didn't see any of these statements by Jake Lahut.

(I address Jim here, not some others)....

With the (widely circulated) score of Trumps IQ being equal to 156

It would be a reasonable expectation, that he would have little trouble with most of these questions (in the link below). Would that not be correct?

l - There is no time limit to the test.
Thus, how much trouble is not relevant.
The goal of that test is to achieve a score.
If Trump took that test, he would not achieve 156, or close to it.
And "Be Best" Melania would not achieve 200 laugh
However, depending upon who he would hire to take the test,
the score would vary.
It's pointless talking about Trump's intelligence in terms of IQ tests as they measure a very limited range of skills.

At a guess, based upon his recorded lack of skill with respect to charts, I'd say his IQ test score would be abysmal, assuming he didn't lose patience at the first question.

That, however, fails to acknowledge the skills he does have.

Unless we recognise how good he is at entertaining, manipulating and drawing people in (whether they are to ill-educated to see the most basic of inconsistent information, or to greedy to care about the potential consequences), we enable his dangerousness.
Oh, it's well recognized by many Jac. But, not by enough.
I've stated in the past several times, that he's gotten good at 2 things - money laundering and deceiving the gullible. P.T. Barnum was incomplete, as more than one sucker is born every day. Regardless, the piper is soon to be paid. Starting in about 1 1/2 years, he will begin to pay for his crimes. head banger

I did some research on the scarcity of a 156 IQ

It seems Mr. Trump is in quite exalted company???

dunno confused dunno
That's if you ACCEPT that his IQ score is actually 156. I don't know why you would, especially considering his record setting number of lies while in office.
In reality he's never actually taken an IQ test.
Recently, he had some problems with a cognitive test, and previously throughout college has paid people to take tests for him. It's not rare to find a very bright student in need of some $$.

From Business Insider;

@op buff not baff or barf - in oz/strine barf is chunder, but it is buffoon, and that guy, the one YOU elected, is worse by far than a mere buffoon.
That murrikuhns
could elect that loud mouthed
thing to be their president
{buffoon if you will}
is something to wonder at
Democracy is what it is
And clever is not what it is!
Interesting, that you picked up on baff, but not azzzz. laugh

Democracy itself is clever, however, it is a reflection of the people who form it, and unfortunately, a significant proportion of those who vote in the US, are not bright.
Yes, the Americans who voted for Trump made a HUGE mistake. Indeed, those who believed in such
a corrupt prolific liar were easily fooled and thus, are fools.
Don't be so judgemental towards Ol' Joe scold ... He's Old & Decrepit.

And he may've Not been Elected ...

@ Fargo
Apparently, more than Mariah believes in fantasies;

Hey Jimbo,

Would this little fella give Trump a run for his money?

The Truly Sad Thing is, that the Shizu is Actually Smarter than 55% of Humanity......professor
Certainly, the dog is more loyal and trustworthy than Trump, more willing to serve others, and better understands the word "no" from women than Trump. The dog also doesn't worship money.
His temperament seems to be a lot better too. So, there's some real pluses he has over Trump.
Although, even you, Jim, would have to admit that Trump was right on the money when he said that Covid is a "Genetically Engineered Virus", and "The Chinese Virus" (achieved by Gain of Function techniques).

He was (of course) howled down, by the Various Leftists in the Media (and by Big Tech); but no one can argue with the fact that the genome of this organism was Genetically Altered (to infect human lung cells), now, can they?

You being a microbiologist, can also see this, (no doubt)......

{It is the CGG-CGG part of the genome. So there you go}.....

(I suppose you already knew that).........

I need not even provide a supporting link, here....

The internet is crawling with such Undeniable Proof...

Having said that, would I bet money, on Trump having a 156 IQ?

No, I would not back that horse...

Would I bet money, on Melania, having a 200 IQ?, no, I would not back that horse, either.....professor
There was a peer review scientific research article on the sequence of the Sars-2 RNA, that indicates that it is NOT genetically engineered. I trust that a lot more than all the stuff floating on the internet, much of it placed there for political reasons.

Also, this:

You would have a more in-depth understanding of this stuff, than me; however, any reasonably intelligent adult can understand the gist of it......
btw, as I have said....I am no avid Trump fan....

I think his record in office (as far as protecting the environment goes), was an Utter Disgrace!......
Jim -
Can you provide a Link?

I'm glad you included the word "believe", because the article you posted is flimsy at best. However, the answer is included within that article;

Basing it on a sequence of a mere 6 nucleotides is hilarious, especially considering that there are only 4 different nucleotides and one of the 4 has to be at each location and a sequence of 3 nucleotides determines an amino acid in translation with multiple sequences transcribing the same amino acid.
Plus, the sequence is almost 30,000 nucleotides long. In the last year alone there have been several variants identified.

If Not - Your Claim's as silly as those tossed about by the ChiCom Avatar Twins -
"B'lieve us cuz we're Real Smart cuz we Say we are." ... nerd


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